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    On principle Body Rights is being violated by these mandates.

    It is discouraging how many are Okay with authoritarian methods for public compliance.

    Natural Immunity is notably absent in the "Science" of Covid. Vaccination mandates do not take in to account of those who developed natural immunity.

    Public good vs Individual Rights must have solid reasoning to infringe on the Rights. SF and NY mandates are flawed.

    Personal gripe is authorities by default mistrust citizens and criminalize noncompliance.

    Good News Afghanistan is reverting back to it's natural state. Only Frustration was thinking Afghans would want to defend a Free Society. Alas Lesson learned some people just want to be lorded over by Dictators or Religious fanatics.

    Deja Vu - Helicopters have changed but the Crisis remains the same. Referring to the Fall of Saigon. The same emergency evacuation of US Embassy using helicopters.

    I think the US is going to be very relieved their off the hook defending the place. If there was any effort made by the Afghan People to fight off the Taliban, the US would still be involved.

    Chili's grilled plasters are good. I order just the South Western Egg Rolls for dinner every time.

    Applebees is more economical with two meals for $20. Not a regular customer though.

    I volunteered to be a Election poll clerk. It is so easy to game the system if one is inclined to do so.

    A list is posted near the Door of people who haven't Voted. It lists name, address and phone number. This list is updated hourly. Its purpose is for Phone solicitors to see who haven't voted so they can call them requesting them to vote. All legitimate but very exploitable.

    Next poll workers can not interfere in any way. Just ask a name and address and have them sign a roster. Can not ask for their ID or Mail postcard or compare a signature. Sign and their presented a Ballot.

    Most times never see anyone checking the lists. One time during a special election for a bond that previously failed to pass was up for vote again. I saw rare sight of the door List checker who was frantically writing. Just before the polls closed and crowd lines up. Most wearing cold weather outfits(Jackets, sweaters). An oddity cause it was very Hot, everyone who voted before weren't wearing cloths like this. Big City has Fog and Cold Jacket temps*(Mark Twain "The coldest Winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco"). Local voters who stop by after work in the city lose their Jacket quick when their out this way. They all gave a name and address they got the Ballot.

    Fraud might not be committed every election. Frauders would like a way to exploit it when a election result is sought by "any means possible' as said by special interest and political activists.

    Mine is pretty similar : Greek yogurt and cereals but if I have just a little more time, like 10/15 minutes, I make a very simple pasta and tomato sauce (as a good Italian I always have some that my grandparents made at home :-D ) or when I can't have too many carbs because of my diet I boil some quinoa and simply throw some vegetables and extra virgin olive oil in




    deli meat or roast chicken meat




    - Toast with something on it

    - Cereal

    - Breakfast Bar


    Go to 7-11 downstairs

    Get one of the boxes

    Nuke it


    Thanks so far - These are all great go to meals.

    The Meal one can make every time when there is no time for any thing else. It can be anything but it something you personally are making.

    i.e. I have Cereal with Milk and sliced Bananas.

    I know its odd to post a recipe with some meals so well explained by a sentence or two.

    This is AKP Cook Book source thread. Please include Recipe (Ingredients, Directions and a picture(actual or online pic)).

    Please post any extra info if you like.

    AKP CB Threads

    What entree do you make better than anyone else?

    Idea - Organize AKP Cookbook Team

    I get many requests for a Red Beet Potato Soup. A soup I learned to make from Mom. Differs from most Red Beet Soups by using the entire Beet, stalk and leaves.

    It is all Vegetable Soup with optional Sour Cream. A version of Borscht soups can be served hot or cold.

    Red Beet Potato Soup



    3-5 - Red Beets including stalks and leaves

    3-5 - Russet Potato (3 Large or 5 medium size)

    2 quart - Chicken Stock (low sodium)

    1 tbsn - Dill seasoning

    1 tbsn - Garlic seasoning

    1 tbsn - Sea Salt

    Optional - Sour Cream

    Substitutions - Use spinach leaves and celery in place of Beet stalk and leaves.


    In a large Pot pour in the Chicken Stock. Mix in the Garlic, Dill and Salt seasonings. Making your own Chicken stock is easy. Any time you get some chicken bones its as easy as boiling them in water. Freeze he stock for future soups.

    Peel the Potatoes, clean and cube or slice into bite size pieces(size that will fit on a spoon). Put the potato chunks in the pot.

    Cut the Beet stalk off near the Beet. Wash the stalk and leaves. Cut the leave into medium size strips and put in the Pot. Cut the Stalks into bite size lengths and in to the pot they go.

    Messy part is peeling and cutting the Beets. It will look like the aftermath of a crime scene. Xd Peel the Beets, cut the stem and root parts off. Slice beet in to bite size lengths and put in the pot.

    Want a liquidy soup so add water if it looks too dense and stew like.

    Bring soup to boil than reduce to simmer for 30 minutes.

    Serve in favorite soup bowl as it can be a full meal. Optional is bloop on a tablespoon of sour cream.

    Can Freeze left over for easy meals later.

    Can Start Now with a AKP Chef recipe submit thread. Allows time to coordinate a Lexicon publication.

    What is a good Thread Title to use for getting AKP members to post up their Recipes and a Picture?

    Mine are too utilitarian to be interesting. Also anyone can start the thread.

    See an opportunity to cause a AKP Cookbook of Member's recipes. Comfort food, go to meals, Bakery, Deserts, International, Gourmet through Street Food recipes. Publish it in the Lexicon.

    Suggest a Team cause of potential work load.

    My suggestion would use the AKP Food Contest as a model. Consisting of Users own recipes. Things they cook and bake.

    Up to the Team to decide, be careful not to become a Pinterest. Although AKP Pinterest would work. Xd

    My example is a Comfort meal. I have made it a number of times. Cause I'm not going to make it and take pictures of it to submit for the AKP Cookbook. My recipe using a photo found online.

    Hotdog Mashed Potato and Cheese.

    • 8 - Hot Dogs
    • 6 cups of Mashed Potato (creamy texture)
    • 16 slices - Cheese (favorite cheese(s))
    • Steak sauce

    Directions - Cook Hot Dogs and Mashed Potato. Slice the Hot Dogs in half lengthwise.

    While the Hot Dogs and Mashed Potato are hot. Place two halves next to each other on a cooking sheet. Cover hot dog halves with 3/4 cup of mashed potato. Place cheese slices on top to mashed potato.

    Broil in the Oven until cheese has melted.

    Plate as much as you can eat. Try a little Steak Sauce or favorite meat sauce.

    hint - can re-heat in microwave. In fact to get a very hot meal, zap it for a minute.

    Recipe by - 4NIA4

    What you think?