[Netizen Buzz] Knetz react to Hyuna bullying allegation

  • Article: Hyuna writes words of consolation to elementary school classmate who claimed to be bullied

    1.[+722] I wonder if they felt better about themselves after going this far to lie about it...

    2. [+764] Why not report the teacher too ㅋㅋㅋ

    3. [+338] As someone who graduated from the same high school as Hyuna, I assure you that this rumor is unfounded. I understand that the internet has become a place where you can express your grievances but it can also be maliciously used to start lies and rumors to manipulate the media. The Hyuna that I knew was never capable of violence, let alone putting anyone down. She was always respectful of others. I think it's important for the public to realize that with all this school bullying #metoo going on, there are still some who are using it for malicious gain and that we shouldn't be so quick to rush to judgment.

    4. [+537] People are going to start coming forward with stories about pre-school now and how so and so grabbed them

    5. [+125] Enough with this! If you were bullied in school, go take it up with the person and get an apology from them.

    6. [+187] Slapping a cheek in elementary school ㅋㅋㅋ I don't know if it's true or not but who here has graduated without getting into one fight with a friend?

    7. [+486] Hyuna won 👏

    8. [+40] Hmm.. if this type of bullying happened in middle or high shcool, I agree that proper punishments need to be dealt.. but it becomes a gray area for me with elementary school. Yes, what happened was wrong, but with how much time has passed, there's a possibility that your memory of it was misinterpreted...

    9. [+26] We'll never be able to know the truth so we can only hope that these people live on in life with a feeling of their own shame

    10. [+15] Sure, yes, school bullying is bad... but how many people never got into one fight with their friends in school..?

  • Another celebrity that also went to school with her commented on her IG debunking the rumours as well.

    I think the difference in reaction between HyunA's and other accusations is that that HyunA's initial IG post spoke very well and she handled the situation with sincerity and with a good alibi. Also, multiple people who went to school with her have come out to defend her on top of other things.

  • LOL i remember when I was in elementary school there was a kid who stole my color pencil and wouldn't give it back. Funny enough, this same dude is a close friend of my now fiancé, and I actually told him this story :-P Color pencil dude is now a doctor.

    Not trying to discredit the bullying accusations though, its just that these comments made me remember this

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