Is it better to release more mini albums than full albums?

  • With how quickly the kpop industry moves with comebacks expected every 6-8 months, minis all the way.

    Outside of the kpop industry, with the album age long dead and gone you could probably get by just doing digital singles the way a lot of k-rnb/hh artists do it.

  • For me personally I prefer a full album as opposed to a mini one with just 4 songs. But either way though there are going to be songs that are not going to be to one's liking. You can't expect to like every single song, it just doesn't work that way.

  • I’ll be honest i hardly have the time to check out every single album that comes out of groups that i’m interested in, let alone those that might interest me but i haven’t known yet. Keeping the albums smaller is a smart idea bc it allows groups to make more regular cbs without fast burnout as well as reduces fatigue for me as a music consumer. There IS a thing as too much content, no matter how many people like to brag about their faves’ constant releases, and i’d rather have like 2/3 very good songs that i can enjoy for a long time than have 10 tracks that are mostly forgettable fillers and don’t have much replay value. The reason albums of western artists have so many more tracks is bc they only release an album per TWO years on average, and extract notable songs from them to release as singles periodically. Kpop artists make much more regular cbs, so keeping it small each time is preferable to me.

  • Better in what sense? Ideally artists should put out stuff at the pace and quantity they wish to but that's almost never the case with labels.

    If I have to give my personal opinion, I do prefer a bunch of singles spaced out every few months that work as pre release for the "full" album.

  • I think as multi it is better to have fewer songs. Listening to full albums of 100 different groups is exhausting. 4 - 5 songs are perfect to me!

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