Seeing Shawols defending SHINee's new song from sounding like NCT & SuperM

  • Me as a blink who is still enduring the D4, KTL, HYLT all sounding the same slander:


    PS: You will never convince non fans

    SHINee is literally a part of Super.... you know what I give up netizens are gonna be dumb and I cannot stop it

    Micah Forever

    Benny's Smoll Bean

  • Eh? SHINee is known for not sticking with one type of sound, their music is so experimental. And other than the intro, the rest of the song is pretty good. Since people are making shady threads I guess it's good bcoz it means people are paying attention to SHINee's comeback :wellr:

    That's exactly what inspired the creation of f(x). "Don't Call Me" is just brief skip away from "Up & Down" to me. By the way, I luv Key's vibrato during the line: "Don't think about callllinnnn'"! I felt THAT!

  • Love Song :waterr::waterr::waterr::waterr::waterr::waterr::waterr::waterr::waterr:

  • i know nct and their bsides

    i'm a nctzen

    but in my comment i was talking about their title track

    because people talk about shinee new release by making their judgement base on NCT title track

    that's why i was only describing NCT title track sound to explain how it's different to don't call me

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