Did you use to think KPOP fans were weird/strange?

  • lol of course they are weird.

    do you ever see Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele and etc. fans fight for no.1 pop star singer on planet Earth because one get more view on Youtube, who's more popular, who got more endorsement deal, who can dance better, who's the prettiest?

  • Not really. I mean there's always gonna be weird fans, but most people who have niche interests are always gonna be made fun of by people until that niche interest becomes more mainstream. Like I remember in high school there were a couple of guys who were into anime and got made fun of every time they wore DBZ shirts, but just a few years later every other high school was watching Naruto.

    I do think some aspects of kpop fandom now are weird. I wasn't into kpop back in the early to mid 2010s, but everyone back then was a multi who had made cute bias lists for their tumblrs so I do find people who just stan one group and bash all others to be weird af.

    V we are your vision WayV

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  • Previously no, but now yes. Aside from my family and a few close friends, I would never openly say that I like Kpop. It's not a conversation I'd like to have. My colleagues know I like Blackpink but I don't think they know that it's Kpop

  • As for listening to K-Pop in general, nah. I don't see language et al. as a barrier in music, so I don't find listening to K-Pop weird.

    As a fan, sorta/kinda? In a way that I know other people can be weird about it. My boss the other day was like, "Wait. You're Black. You grew up in South [insert neighborhood]...and you listen to Asian music? How did you not get beat up?" (I was cute, that's why xD) So I know how other people think about it. Like, I was hesitant about sharing Bubble Pop and Fantastic Baby to my younger cousins a few years back because even I acknowledged it was cringe/weird and would be perceived that way by the "uninitiated" (lol, dramatic, but I have no other way to put it). But then again, I'd be hesitant to show them MVs from songs I grew up on like Back That Ass Up by Juvenile because it's awkward watching that around other people (for me, lol).

  • I like kpop since I was a kid and kpop was not popular in my country. But since it became popular I am ashamed to say that I like it because some fans are so cringe

    Some fans at my school “act” like they're Korean, just listen to kpop, just watch Korean shows and wear kpop clothes, it's so cringe


    yeah THOSE are Koreaboos lmao but you can just be in a KPOP fandom and like K-Drama, want to learn the language, etc. and not be a Koreaboo <3

    💕💗💖 Loving your energy, feeling the synergy 💖💗💕

  • It's not even popular enough here, so i never heard or read much about it in my language.

    I don't know, maybe kids do make fun of it, but i feel like mostly they don't pay too much attention to it.

    I heard about kpop before i started listening to it. But the videos i've seen haven't impressed me and couldn't understand why would they be popular (i still don't like the videos/songs i've seen/heard at that time). But haven't thought about it much, didn't even knew there was some big 'community of fans'. So no, i didn't think they were weird before.

    But now, since i got to know and like kpop, i do think fans can be weird, cringey, of course some are pretty annoying and other things... Not going to go into the details :D

    I'm just here for entertainment, music, fun. I do not feel like a part of some 'kpop community' and do not feel affiliated with it :D

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