You do no good wishing your faves to leave the big company and be real indie

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    I think we all have seen the (X artist is sooo misstreated at the current company, s/he needs to leave asap and do its own thing) or we ourselves have been guilty of saying that

    This is a beyond flawed reasoning due to the lack of knowledge of how music/cultural industry works and how the kpop training works. We all love our faves cuz they are so charismatic, seems like they own the stage and, in one way or another they capture us, maybe we even like to project ourselves through them, but lets remember what do they practice during training days

    In training they practice: singing, dancing, facial expressions, modeling, perhaps languages and acting, however to actually make music you need to study different skills and a lot, we all have seen idols who were popular, left the company, went to a company with "artistic freedom" and then most of the fandom simply looses interest due to the drop in production quality, they started make the same "inde low budget music", losing their original looks that was so nice and lack of promotions because the company is broke and doesnt have conections to get them in variety shows

    This was inspired in CL and watching the shoking diference between her indie songs and her performance at the new epik high comeback Rosario, maybe for new kpop fans she is just some ajumma who makes music, but back then she was incredibly popular and everyone looked at her for her hip style and music, both things gone long ago, its not an opinion, just look at the numbers and comments under her videos

    This not related to actual abusive companies where they steal money or do illegal or moraly questionable stuff, this more related to (pls taeyeon leave sm and do music on your own)

    My point is, unless your bias is someone like zico or soyeon who actually makes music for him/herself and sometimes other idols, the best is to stay at a high/medium profile company so the idol can keep his/her fame with propper promotions and production value


  • Thing is, not many groups manage to reach the same level of success after they leave the company. I'm talking about an entire group leaving and the entire group resigned to another company, not group disbanding and each doing their own solo activities.

    Personally for me I would love for Day6 to continue with JYPE, that is so long they are happy with the company. I do think there are quite a few management issues involved like Jae especially has expressed his unhappiness with the management of the company. But you know guess what, they actually manage to rectify and please him (somewhat) even despite Jae lashing out at the company

    • Jae complains about Day6 not posting his DIVE stuff > company proceeds to post them now
    • Jae complain about eaj project not being approve at the start > 2020 he now has a lot of collabs and a lot of artists are reaching out to him for collabs now
    • Jae complains about company not allowing him to play or stream games with Mark/Bam Bam because they need to go through a lot of people > they now allow him and they did have streams together

    Jae should just complain all the time and get everything he wants. I personally do think that in the long run with a well thought out route for Day6 it would be better for them to stay with JYPE, rather than branch out to another company or do solo stuff.

    For me this is how I MIGHT do it of course with some changes that may come along

    • At least 2 more years or so to recontract, this 2 years should be focused on really building a bigger fanbase and getting more love form the GP. Continue doing what they are doing
    • Sungjin might enlist first, Jae doesnt need to because he isn't a Korean citizen. During Sungjin's enlistment, Jae can focus on his own solo stuff which he already is doing. Maybe he can even try to branch out to the Western market even more with English songs. Young K + Wonpil + Dowoon can continue with Even Of Day Sub-unit
    • Eventually the 3 youngest would also need to enlist, and because Day6 is a band, it is very hard for them to not perform without 1 member because the sound is completely different. I would then try to focus on each of their solo careers. Maybe they will enlist all together? Or enlist bit by bit? Bit by bit would help for solos I guess but enlisting together means the band can be back together sooner
    • It is important for members to continue solo stuff and also maybe promote their old music too so that fans still stay with them and also keep the GP interest there
    • When all the members are finally back, they can continue together as a band, while also doing their other solo stuff. They don't need to continue being idols like now, hopefully by then they already have a well established fanbase and can continue to release music at their own time. Do what normal bands do like Nell/Hyokoh/Jannabi. Like you guys might not know these names but they are some of the few veteran bands that are doing well outside the idol scene.
    • The reason why I see them potentially long term to be like those veteran bands is because I think at some point, they are doing to get sick of the idol life. Heck I think maybe Jae is sick of it now since he is always complaining about how idols need to put on the fake image, and always reminding us that they as well are people and people makes mistakes.

    Now JYPE hire me so I can discuss my grand masterplan with Day6 and put it all into action

  • I mostly agree. But maybe not for the same reasons.

    Leaving a company, especially one of the Big 3 company, is an incredibly risky move for one's career. If you do not have another interesting contract waiting for you just after you left, this is basically a professional suicide. The company are the ones who have the connexions, the funds and the logistics, the promotional tools, the contracts with the brands ect...

    Also, if you leave the company and that you aren't in good terms with them, they might completely sabotage you.

    Going indie is appealing, I totally understand, but it might also lead to a drastic reduction of your fanbase, that will not follow you in your complete change of image. If you're an artist and if this is what you're looking for, then it's fine, and I think everyone wants their faves to be happy, but there is a reason why so many young people are working their asses off to debut under SM : being an indie artist is hard as heck.

  • You are not wrong here.

    But like you said, it depends on an idol and what they want. If the career they have under the current company is the one they want to work on in the future, that would be the best idea. Also if they need a lot of direction and help from them.

    But if they are artistic, full of their own ideas and creations, passionate about making music, then it's best for them to do that at a company that can provide that to them (if current company does not of course). It's questionable what is going to happen to their success after, but if they put out their own music before and fans or wider public loved it, then they have some audience guaranteed. Also they have to think about their future and how to live their lives, so if the dynamics of the current company are obstructing it, then it's best to make a change.

    And of course there is the 'idol lifestyle' and how they feel about it after years...

  • Honestly JYPE should hire you!

  • I agree with your point but like icyruios said, its also to build your own brand away from the company and also the group.

    And I'll preface this by saying I like both groups so no disrespect intended- all disrespect should be directed to the company:

    Twice and Blackpink

    Each member of BP has their unique imagine and brand - they can probably survive outside of YG and outside of BP (of course no one is saying that they have to leave they are obviously better in BP than out) because they have been given the opportunities to do things as individuals and as BP.

    Jisoo is an actress

    Jennie is an IT-girl

    Lisa is a mentor

    Rosé is a model

    (just a few examples, there are much more individual activities but they can all do their thing individually then come together and do BP things)

    YG for all their faults have given the girls the opportunity to be their own brand.

    Twice on the other hand have none of those opportunities (hell I've made a rant about it somewhere)

    You don't see Nayeon as Nayeon or Mina as Mina but Sana of Twice and Dahyun of Twice because they haven't had the opportunity to showcase their own talents, skills etc. We see them as OT9

    Again I'm only gonna comment on GG - where are those GG post 30 years of age - how many GG have members who are over 30 and promoting as a group - no many/none.

    It's not just about music - how many idols continue to be singer idols as oppose to actor idols or model idols after 30 - very small

  • The thing is, somehow compared to BGs, it seems like GGs tend to not last after their contract. That is once they disband or become inactive they do other stuff. Very few remain to do music, or if they do it's not like they are actively promoting also.

    I use my own faves as an example, Sistar. Hyolyn is still actively doing music, setting up her own company and making her own album. Soyou is still doing music, but it's more laid back and chill. She sing some OSTs and collabs, and have 1 comeback last year with Gotta Go, but she is focusing on taking thing chill and doing Youtube videos. Bora is doing acting and other gigs, Dasom is full on acting. They had a great run together as Sistar but eventually they part ways for their next stage in life. It was bittersweet but seeing how all of them are doing well I'm happy for them as well. Things ended nicely, no drama nothing and they remain to support each other in individual activities

    And for 2NE1, they parted ways and do their own stuff, but still get together. Recently they reunited to celebrate Minzy's birthday. It is hard to hold on to the group if they part ways unless you set up your own company like BEAST did and renamed to Highlight. Highlight might even have a comeback, BGs seem to be more into the music compared to GGs

    The key thing during your 7 years is to do well as a group of course to rake in that money, but also to build your individual image. Sistar members themselves, their names are well known. Of course not on the level of BlackPink but good enough to still remain in the entertainment industry venturing other stuff, out of idol life. Eventually when you reach a certain age you will be sick of the idol life.

    That's the issue with JYPE for example, the company focuses a lot on the group to earn money, but doesn't necessarily do that much into building individual reputation. I do hope that Day6 in JYPE can do well as a group and also build up their individual image, so that they can still have things going on for them when members are enlisted in military, and hopefully if they stick together and don't disband, continue to be Day6 and continue making music that they love

  • i honestly think sistar are among those 2nd gen gg where all the member popular and well known

  • i honestly think sistar are among those 2nd gen gg where all the member popular and well known

    It is. Like even though people like to make fun saying how Hyolyn hog all the lines, all the members are popular and made a name for themselves. Compared to other 2nd Gen GGs, Sistar members individually are pretty well known

  • It is. Like even though people like to make fun saying how Hyolyn hog all the lines, all the members are popular and made a name for themselves. Compared to other 2nd Gen GGs, Sistar members individually are pretty well known

    Soyou have 2 national hot with Some and I Miss You lmao . anyway do you know how well Hyolyn 2013 solo did? One Way Love is kinda famous back then if i not wrong

  • Soyou have 2 national hot with Some and I Miss You lmao . anyway do you know how well Hyolyn 2013 solo did? One Way Love is kinda famous back then if i not wrong

    It actually got to No.1 on Gaon :waterr::waterr:

  • It’s hard to see in the future. Maybe we will see in 5-10 years if it’s really better to promote members individually or as a group

  • Hmmmm, it depends. First off, producing/ writing your own music is SO overrated. Some of the best that ever done it never even touched a soundboard or a mixer, let alone write more than a verse here and there.

    In fact, some of the WORST artists I've ever heard are the ones who produce and write their own music or at least most of it.

    Sometimes, as an artist, it's like you're stuck in a box that you made but all you can see is what's inside the box.

    Sometimes, you need someone who's on the outside looking in and around that box i.e. other producers and songwriters.

    If you are a hot enough commodity to where the odds of you succeeding outside of a major label are good, then go for it.

    HOWEVER, I've noticed that K Pop is a different kind of animal so unless you got solid connects in AND outside Korea, it might be best to just stay put.

  • It depends on a lot of stuff.

    A company creates an image, brand, resources and opportunities for an idol. You cant have the budget to create same when you leave it.

    It's hard to maintain that after you leave a company and its even harder to create own image after leaving.

    Self producing doesnt always guarantee good results - self producing idols can make shit songs too.

    I honestly don't remember any idol who succeed after leaving their company except maybe jay park, but again I think his market is niche.

  • I mean, the caveat about being able to create your own stuff is there.

    I guess it's double-edged.

    Got7 left JYPE. They got to keep their name. They released an absolutely fucking fantastic song.

    Nobody talked about it.

    If I was a pretty big fan of theirs, though, I'd be really happy with that outcome and would be looking forward to more bops that could never have come from the JYPE factory.

    It really is the best outcome for pretty much everyone involved,

    Except for the concern trolls for whom charting is the be-all and end-all of achievement.

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