Yujin is being sidelined by Starship because of Company problems

  • My theory is that Yujin is either being pulled by her parents and the contract is being discussed so Yujin was removed from the MC position, but she is still promoting online. My other theory is that someone objected to Yujin’s Treatment because Wonyoung is being pushed more (arguably by many people they believe it is unfair, or Yujin should get more music opportunities to offset that) Wonyoung will always get more cfs but Yujin is very good on variety as well.

    I think they are right. It makes sense that Starship and Yujin are sorting things out, maybe Bighit offered her a contract as well?

    Her health is fine so she is promoting on Instagram, but it makes you think when you see Wonyoung being an MC at AA, and Yujin having to be pulled from hers. This isn’t hate to either of them, let’s peacefully discuss.

  • It seems odd to me that she had not resumed her MC.

    At first I thought it was just concerns for health but I saw she has done other things.

    So it suggests something else is going on.

    I'm a Yujin Stan but honestly I don't keep up with the minutia exactly.

    Is she in good standing with her company? I always assumed her to be favored by them.

    Hope whatever it is works out and she keeps getting opportunities!

    I miss seeing her as an MC.

  • U may not be wrong. I also had the same thinking that they r re-discussing the contract. Her health seems fine so obviously the issue is with the company. I'll be quite surprised if starship let's yujin go.

    She is attending her other schedules.

    .•°¤*`★´*¤° 𝖄𝖀𝕵𝕴𝕹 °¤*´★`*¤°•.

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  • I don't know when and why people decided that "posting something on instagram" means you are promoting :pleading:

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