please starship leave wonyoung and yujin

  • i feel bad energy on their company esp on wonyoung

    Minju Aquarius:

    Her energy towards her love life is the 6 of air, which means she is moving forward, the tough situation is becoming clear, things will get better. Her feelings towards her person is the 10 of fire, It gives the feeling of her putting a lot of effort to make something better out of it. She is pressuring herself to help and do the hard work by herself. She is striving for a new beginning for her person. (with the ace of waters). She has new romantic feelings for him. There are warnings for some red flags for herself. to take better care on her well-being, also for her stress. She has to accept that she can ask others for help. She stays optimistic about her love life. Her personal feelings towards her are the ace of earth. It seems to be a new person or a new chapter for each other. to give and receive something new. He is wanting to ask her out or give her something material. express it with gifts or take out to eat.

    I see that she is not joining an idol group but doing something different on her own, I see her having interest in beauty and make up. Doing something like youtube or being an influencer/content creator for herself and her own audience. I do see companies that want to contact her.

    Nako Gemini:

    Her energy towards her love life is Queen of Earth. She is in a committed relationship and in the relationship she is thoughtful, warm, nurturing, prosperous and abundant as a partner. The relationship is on the physical level very abundant as well. There is strong Earth energy. Her feelings towards her lover are good, and she thinks he is the right match for her, someone who is also an idol, he is professional, responsible, practical and successful. Her person’s feelings and thoughts are new beginnings, he is wanting to give. like a present or go out to eat. He is wanting to take the effort and invest in her. I feel the partner’s energy is from a big group like 10+ members. It is someone who really likes Nako´ś culture.

    What will happen after izone?

    To the energy right now it looks like she wants to move on and walk away from the idol life, I think she wants to choose a normal life. She wants to head back home and start something else.

    Hitomi Libra:

    This girl seems to have some personal difficulties, but she is moving forward for something better. There is a person in her life, it might be a strong fire sign: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, (does not have to be). She is feeling motivated, and has an ideal type in a partner. Someone ambitious and charismatic will enter her life. I do see that the person she is dreaming about is about to come in the future. I also think it could be a Japanese person. Who is able to give her everything she wants in a long term, committed relationship. It will make her happy.

    What will happen after Izone?

    I do see that she wants a break, where she can rest and be in the shadows, She might choose to not to be in the spotlight. I see that she wants to choose herself and her heart. She knows for a longtime what she wants. She has a desire to focus on her committed relationship and rest and she is dreaming about family and marriage. What I also see her do is stream and take cute pictures about her life in japan.

    Yuri Libra:

    I have a feeling that she has been seeing someone for a long time now and she is ready to create this connection into a serious one. There is a new sweet opportunity, for her and her person to lead towards a serious relationship. But they need to have a little patience. Her person is also ready to commit to her, he is successful and trustworthy. He is talented and I do see that he is an idol as well. There is a need for a heart to heart conversation. The energy feels great and it’s gonna blossom.

    What will happen after Izone?

    There is a chance that she will debut in a new girl group.

    Yujin Virgo:

    Her energy towards love is that she might not really invest that much in a romantic relationship. She is meeting friends and having fun, she might have guy friends, and meeting guys who might be potential for love. but in her mind and heart she is taking her time. because she knows she is a sensitive person and she doesn’t want to disappoint or make herself sad by choosing the wrong boy. She is open to being friends and having fun. but she is a bit afraid of getting hurt. So she takes things lightly and not so serious. She is just having a lot of time and patience.

    I do see her struggling to get a position, but she will get an exchange offer from a company/agency, I also see her doing some acting activities.

    Wonyoung Virgo:

    She is working on herself, she is confident, beautiful, her energy is intimidating, because she is really outstanding and beautiful. But she is really pure. She is new towards romantic feelings. so it is an exploration for her. She does have a crush. she met him while working together with him for once. How that person feeling and thoughts towards her is, He kept his distance but he is observing her as well. He is taking things friendly and fun.

    I see positive news for her, very quick and fast. She will have it successfully and I do see her debut again. But I also have a warning about the agency. The agency might not have the right intentions. that could lead to backstabbing and rude energy. She will eventually come to a crossroad of 2 options. Will it be a move on or stay?

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