[COMPLETE] BDC (Boys Da Capo) x AKP Red Carpet Q&A!

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    BDC (Boys Da Capo) will be our next guests on the AKP Red Carpet!

    Consisting of members Sihun, Seongjun and Junghwan, the boys most recently came back with their track "Moon Walker."

    Everyone give BDC a warm welcome and leave your questions here for them prior to their arrival on 8/30! And.. make sure to checkout their comeback Moon Walker below as well as follow them on social.

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  • Hello BDC! :froghype: Welcome to Allkpop and I loved your New song! It was very relaxing but with an Upbeat vibe! I really Love it!


    Sihun: What is your favorite Type of Movie Genre?

    Seongjun: I know that your Specialty Is Guitar, is there any other kinds of instruments you would love to learn to play?

    Junghwan: Being the Maknae, do your Fellow members like to tease with you or do you have any nicknames that they have given you? (and your Birthday is 2 days after mine! but your older by 4 years, and i have a cat as well!)

    Group Question: What kinds of things would you like to Achieve for the future? and What kind of Music genre would you guys like to tackle next?!

    I hope you all have a very wonderful day! Stay safe and take good care of yourselves! :pepelove1::lover3:

  • Hello Boys!

    I hope you enjoy these promotions very much, as much as FINE's enjoy the song!

    My questions for the group are:

    - If you had to listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    - Do you believe in ghosts, aliens or mermaids?

    - Do you have any inside jokes between you?


  • Hello BDC!! Congrats on your comeback!:) Loves from Indonesia Fines. I hope you all always stay healthy.

    My question is, among 4 moon concept which one do you prefer?

  • Hello BDC !

    Congratulations for your comeback !

    You all worked really hard, I'm proud of you !

    Questions :

    To Sihun :

    If you could collaborate with a rapper, who would it be ?

    To Seongjun :

    What are the words that you like to hear the most from FINE ?

    To Junghwan :

    What are your goals for the future ?

  • Yayyyy !! Hello BDC welcome to Allkpop ^^ Again congratulations on your another awesome song ~ you guys are always amazinh!! 많이 사랑해요 💙💛💜

    Questions (any members can answer)

    1. What would you like to be remembered about BDC?

    2. If you're not an idol right now, what whould you be?

    3. Have you ever searched your name on SNS?

    4. Please choose between SHOOT THE MOON, MOON RIDER, MOONLIGHT & MOON WALKER and why do you like it?

    5. Please leave any messages to FINEs around the world.

  • hello, my favourite boys out of the whole universe ! hope you all are doing well and enjoying the promotions with moon walker <3

    i wanted to know if you are planning or working on a song produced by you, since go get her was a bop, i was wondering that ^__^ thanks for always work so hard and give us your best, i love you from here to the moon !!

  • Hiii BDC, I love your art and I'm a big fan! <3

    Please keep making awesome music, I'll always be here to support you guys :wink::iloveyoub:

    ~~ my questions anyone can answer:

    1. What makes you inspired?

    2. What's the best part about working with music?

    3. Does the moon have a special meaning for each of you?

  • Hola soy Kelly desde México 🇲🇽 Moon Walker es fantástica, no paro de escucharla 🥰

    Desde su debut hasta ahora han estado familiarizados con el idioma español, ¿Han pensado visitar algún país hispanohablante de Latinoamérica? ¿Qué hace cada uno en su tiempo libre? ¿Podrían hacer un cover de una canción en español, en un futuro? Me parece que tienen buena pronunciación. ¿Qué concepto les gustaría intentar para su próximo comeback?

  • Hii BDC!! Lots of love from Mexico 🇲🇽 I really love your new single!! 💖💖

    My questions are:

    To Sihun: What is your favorite part of being an idol?

    To Seongjun: What is the most exciting part when you make a comeback?

    To Junghwan: What kind of concept would you like to do in the future?


  • hello BDC!!! Your new single is incredible!! I listen all day ^^ Brazilians Fines loves you so much💙🇧🇷

    my question is (anyone can answer)

    what is your biggest inspiration? your daily motivation?

    which artist would you like to have a collaboration?

    what are your goals as a group?

    and for each member, what is your individual goal?

    (can you say 'TE AMO BRAZIL' please ?)

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  • Hello BDC ❤️ I love your guys’ latest single, “Moon Walker”, and I am excited to see where the future takes you.

    In relation to your music, does BDC plan to continue the concept revolving around moons or should fans expect a new theme soon?

    This past comeback mv for “Moonlight” featured the members wearing colored suits that matched their respective hair colors; I loved BDC’s outfits so much due to that color correlation. Does each member have a favorite stage/photoshoot outfit from any era?

    Each member of BDC come together as three creating harmonious music, choreography, and visuals. Are there any plans of possibly doing solos or duos on the next album to showcase their individual talents even more?

    No matter what BDC do with their future endeavors, they will grow, be successful, and I will always support them. Thank you guys so much for all that you have done.

    Sending love from the USA to BDC always!!

  • hello my boys!😘 Congratulations for your comeback with MOONWALKER! 🌕🌗🌖It's a very nice song! And I have some questions want to ask you guys!

    1.Did anything interesting happen while living in the dorm?

    2.What do you do when you're done with your music show?

    3.What would you say to Fines when you meet them?

    4.Do you regret being an idol?Cause it's a tough road.

  • Hello BDC!

    Congrats for your comeback with MOONWALKER!Thank you for your hard work,and don't worry...FINE always with you.Stay healthy boys!💕💙💕💙💕💙💕

    Q:If you could meet yourself as a child again, what would you say to him? advice or anything.

  • First of all congratulations !!!


    To all the members - Which is your favorite k pop group and soloist ?
    - With which singer would you like to collab

    - favorite genre of music

    - Each one of your phobia

  • hi guys!

    Firstly, I congratulate you with another amazing comeback!! I love it soooo much and I can't stop listening to it! And how cool you all look in performance video !! You are doing great 💞💞

    So my question(s). For me, it's interesting that you have four releases with one theme - moon. How do you feel about it? What themes or concepts you want to try in the future?

  • Hi BDC! First of all, I want to congratulate you and thank you for your hard work!

    Here are my questions for you:

    1. As an idol, who is/are your role model/s and how do you look at them as you become an idol?

    2. What weird characteristics of each of you that you like to share with us?

    3. What are the songs you’ll never get tired performing of?

    4. Who are idols/singers you want to collaborate with?

    5. What would you like to say to FINE who are continuously supporting you?

    Thank you! I hope for your more successful career. ❤️

  • BDC 에게~♡

    Hello BDC. First of all thank you for always giving us amazing music. BDC makes me happy everyday. Thank you ♡

    Here are some questions::whatb:

    - What are your favorite clothes?

    - What's your favourite holiday?

    - What would you like remembered about you?

    - If you weren't famous, what would you be up to right now?

    - What do you like doing in your spare time?

    Much love and support from Norway!

    스티네 헨리엩테 올림, 노르웨이! :iloveyoub:

  • Hi there! It’s a pleasure to have you guys on AKP :lover3:

    What was the most memorable moment from your comeback (such as MV shooting moments, album recording, interactions with fans)?

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