Say something nice about the group/fandom you hate/shade

  • I even told you in dms remember. He’s your bias right? I can’t deny he’s a good vocalist. I’m not claiming to be an expert on him Monster sold it for me.

    Ahh, we didn't talk since such a long time that I forgot that you told me in DMs.

    Monster is really THAT bitch xD

    Anyways, the new rules will punish us for derailing so I'll stop here :shyr:

  • Army: 1 out of 10 of them are actually bad. Unfortunately there's millions of them so that works out to hundred thousands with insecurity/cult issues. They're like deep ocean dwelling creatures, like a sea cucumber who spends all day eating poop off the ocean floors. You never really know which way the poop goes in and regurgitates out.

    BTS: 7 is less than 17 so I actually know every member. They all seem humble and nice.

  • Lmao. I don't like majority of ARMYs but I am ARMY myself. The reason why I don't like them is they just can't accept others. They think BTS is best in everything. Literally everything. They drag others to validate BTS's achievements.

    BTS are very talented and hardworking. They devote everything to their music. But they are the most humble artists I have ever seen. So sad the fandom is literal opposite.

    well, you could've just put the bts sentences in here & saved the others for another time, since the thread was made to say something positive, instead of ranting.

    anyway, i dont hate bp/blinks, but i agree very much with the comment

    "bp's mvs are spectacular & blinks are indeed very good streamers" (these were already said)

  • Something nice about BTS ..

    well, complimenting the fandom is complimenting BTS right? I really like how ARMY are united like a family and always protect their fave from the hate that they receive. Oh and although I sometime shade the group because salt....... it's hard for me to deny that Jimin is incredibly attractive in every way possible.

    Yes. That is all. :)


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