The Album | Blackpink Song Ranking and Review

  • What was your favorite song of The Album? 48

    1. Lovesick Girls (25) 52%
    2. How You Like That (15) 31%
    3. Ice Cream (3) 6%
    4. Pretty Savage (17) 35%
    5. Love to Hate Me (17) 35%
    6. Crazy Over You (8) 17%
    7. Bet U Wanna (5) 10%
    8. You Never Know (11) 23%

    My Ranking

    1. Pretty Savage

    2. You Never Know

    3. Lovesick Girls

    4. Love to Hate Me

    5. Crazy Over You

    6. How You Like That

    7. Bet U Wanna ft. Cardi B

    8. Ice Cream with Selena Gomez

    Pretty Savage - This song was a masterpiece and one of my favorite Blackpink b-sides. It flows nicely and delivered some nice surprises, including Jisoo saying "Blackpink in your area" finally after what felt like forever. I still feel like it deserved to be a single. I would rate this 10/10

    You Never Know - This song makes me cry over and over. This a unique Blackpink song, though there have been some songs with the same tone like Stay and Hope Not, which are both about love, this one includes Blackpink's response to all of the hate they get and how they will overcome it. I would rate this 9.5/10

    Lovesick Girls - A retro bop, I must say. It felt refreshing in some places and I love how it gave me major 2NE1 vibes. The chorus feels so complete and I love how Jennie came back as a rapper. This song really delivered as The Album title track. I also loved how Jennie and Jisoo both helped write and produce this song <3 I would rate this 9/10

    Love to Hate Me - This song was such a bop, and it was also a response to the hate that Blackpink gets but more bad***. The message it delivered was evident, which I loved. I would rate this 8/10

    Crazy Over You - This song makes me crazy over Blackpink. However, I don't think it flows as well as some of their other songs, but it was nice. I would rate this 7.5/10

    How You Like That - Everything was perfect up until the chorus and it gave me major D4 and KTL vibes but was overall a good song. I would rate this 7/10

    Bet U Wanna - This song was pretty good but it felt very repetitive and, even though Cardi B rapped in the song and is very talented, she didn't bring much to the table here and the song would have been good removed or easily rapped by Jennie or Lisa (no hate towards Cardi though) I would rate this 7/10

    Ice Cream - Though I like Selena Gomez and LOVE Blackpink, this song was a mess. The pattern that it followed I didn't like. This song was Sing, Rap, Sing, Rap, (Verse 1) Chorus, Post-Chorus, Sing, Sing, Sing, (Verse 2) Chorus, Post Chorus, even more rap (Bridge?), and I don't even know what the heck was at the end. The lyrics didn't even make any sense, though I think that Lisa's rap towards the end was pretty cool, it still felt like words were just thrown in to make it rhyme and didn't flow at all. The video was super cute though and I loved how it was set up. Also, the line distribution was wack. I wouldn't mind if they changed it to Ice Cream by Jennie, Lisa, and Selena Gomez ft. Jisoo and Rose, because that's basically what it was. Combined, Jisoo and Rose don't get even half the song. And Rose is the MAIN VOCALIST and Jisoo is the lead vocalist! Jennie was given vocal lines even though she is the main rapper. Jisoo's only positions are the lead vocalist and visual, speaking of which, being visual, she didn't get any screen time like at all it feels! I know it must be hard to distribute the lines for 5 people instead of four but hey, you did it fine with Bet U Wanna, Sour Candy, and Kiss and Make Up, so why not Ice Cream? No hate to anyone, and Selena Gomez and the members of Blackpink did nothing wrong, it was just the way it was set up. Sorry for the long rant about this one, I just had to get it out there. I would rate this 6.5/10

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  • the masterpiece that is pretty savage and you never know getting the recognition they deserve :lover2::omgr::lover4:



    ˜”*°•.˜”*°• the door of longing opens and the memories of you are coming after me •°*”˜.•°*”˜


    1. Lovesick Girls (Best BP song period)

    2. Bet You Wanna ft. Cardi B (People gonna come at me but this was great)

    3. How You Like That (Same structure as DDDD and KTL but much more enjoyable because all the parts are nice)

    4. Crazy Over You (Nice beat drop)

    5. You Never Know (Jisoo slayed)

    6. Ice Cream ft. Selena Gomez (Fun song but should have gotten a better instrumental)

    7. Pretty Savage (People gonna come at me again but this was honestly not that good for me, it really reminds me of DDDD which I didn't enjoy)

    8. Love to Hate Me (Haven't listened to it a lot)

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    Bom tấn đam mỹ 2gether "đánh úp" bản điện ảnh, cặp BrightWin sắp sửa cưới  nhau hoành tráng?

  • Very unique and underrated points and choices. I like it! <3

    ღ Happy Birthday / 10.18.2005 ღ

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  • OH MY GOSH thank you I thought PS at #7 would have offended you but I guess I was wrong. I love your profile pic, your badge as well as your sig. My Jihyo - Jeongyeon heart is screaming!!!

    You're welcome! I see your point and respect your opinion as long as it wasn't Fancy so low Thank you btw! I love Twice and Jihyo is my ult bias and Jeongi is my bias wrecker <3

    Sorry I didn't reply earlier i was sleeping 😅

    ღ Happy Birthday / 10.18.2005 ღ

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