Day6 3 Part Series: Part 1 - Who is Day6? Are they a K-Rock Band or are they an Idol Group?

  • Don't mind me, this is just me pending my thoughts about Day6 into a 3 part series.

    Lets talk about what the K-Band scene was like before Day6 debut. If we go even longer back there are popular bands such as Cherry Filter, Nell, Boohwal, Buzz etc. But the ones whom you guys most likely would be familiar with are bands like FT Island and CN Blue.

    And then, Day6 debut in 2015 and it was something different. Compared to the older K-Bands who are of older age, Day6 were made up of a younger group of artists who initially was supposed to debut as idols. Young K and Wonpil were initially trained to be idols, if things were different who knows they could possibly have ended up in GOT7. But then GOT7 made their debut and JYPE put Young K and Wonpil together with Sungjin, Jae, Junhyeok (who have left) and Dowoon to form a band. This was a very different type of K-band that is unlike the older bands.

    Bands usually have like a lead singer and the rest plays instruments for the band. For instance, Yonghwa is the main vocal and Hongki is the main vocal for CN Blue and FT Island respectively. Some of their other members do sing some small verses or do raps but that's it. Day6 was one of, if not the first band whereby everyone was a vocalist in the group. Yes even Dowoon is a vocalist despite him getting very very very little lines. Unlike the other bands, they do the usual stuff that idol groups tend to do, vlives/fan meetings etc etc.

    However, even though they are somewhat marketed as an idol group, the way they promote isn't really like a typical idol group as well. At the start of their career, they did not promote on music shows. They did small concerts and gigs by themselves. If you realised during their earlier years before 2018 they don't actually have that many music show performances. Yes, there isn't a MCountdown or Music Bank whatever performance of their most popular hit "You Were Beautiful". Unlike idol groups, they don't do as much variety shows. Day6 focuses a lot on doing a lot of mini concerts and performances with a closer audience. They did a lot of small gigs like performing on the streets and malls

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    Day6 are one of, if not the group that started the "Idol Band" concept. They aren't like CN Blue or FT Island whereby they do the regular stuff that idols do like fam meetings and vlives, connecting with their audience. But they also aren't like any normal idol group who rehearse, put on normal music show performances, and goes to promote their music and comeback on shows and programs. Day6 unlike idol groups focuses a lot on the music creation, the connection with the audience with their mini gigs and concerts.

    Day6 is in a unique position at that time to capture an audience that idol groups won't capture. JYPE has Twice/GOT7 during that time to capture the regular audience who are into idol music. Day6 is there to target a unique market of audience who are into bands, but also at the same time they do also have the sort of idol image, mixing the best of both worlds.

  • Got it! They are uniques specie. How did you first discover them? Do you like rock music more than pop?

    Honestly I can't really remember how I got to know them. But their music is so unique because it is unlike the kind of music that idol groups put out.

    For reference, I like a lot of Western bands especially those in the 2000s and early 2010s, bands like One Republic, The Script, Coldplay, The Fray, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down, Green Day, Kings of Leon. Even those with female leads like No Doubt and Avril Lavigne (I mean she isn't a band but she always has a band playing for her)

    So I think their music reminded me a lot of those Western artists which I love a lot

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