New YGe HQ Building = YANG HYUN SUK in the (Power) CORNER OFFICE ??? ; 2020.10.28


    Former YGE head (PAPA) Yang Hyun Suk faces 10 million Won fine for gambling charges ; 2020.10.28

    (Note: Fairly sure that YANG *remains* the *largest* YGe Agency

    single *SHARE HOLDER* = About 17% of Stock Shares (?) ... This estimate

    would be AFTER the stock deal that Involved BIG HIT Agency = BTS Group)
    (S.K) Prosecutors seek a fine of 10 million won ($8,800 USD) for YANG HYUN SUK ... Related to the YGe Agency Founder's Casino Gambling in Las Vegas , USA ; 2020.10.28

    Note: PAPA YANG still has unresolved possible *Criminal* S.K POLICE Investigation matters pending. So, PAPA YANG *still* MAY be recommended for *Criminal* ARREST *not* related to GAMBLING.

    Spoiler: (Click) ==> (ENGLISH Translation) YANG HYUN SUK (YGe)

    $8,800 USD GAMBLING FINE , 2020.10.28
    BLACKPINK's JENNIE shows off the skylights inside YG Entertainment's New Building in stylish SNS updates ; 2020.10.08

    Note: JENNIE is NOT a (Click Here) NURSE ...

    And Her Phone Number is NOT (Click Here) 867-53oh9 ... :wink:

    --- Begin Quoting ---
    As previously reported, construction of YG Entertainment's brand new building wrapped up last month (August 2020). The company plans on relocating its entire staff and crew by the end of 2020 (January 2021).
    --- End Quoting ---

    By the END of Year 2020 ... So , maybe the S.K PROSECUTOR will decide by then ... IF that he wants to ARREST YGe Founder 'PAPA YANG' (Yang Hyun Suk) for *maybe* interfering in an ACTIVE POLICE INVESTIGATION (B.I / HAN SEO HEE = COURT TESTIMONY).

    So , say by July of Year 2021 , inside the New YGe HQ Building ...

    *Maybe* we have PAPA YANG in the (Power) CORNER OFFICE ???

    PAPA YANG could dedicate 'Wishing You Were Here' song

    to SEUNGRI (ex-BIG BANG) -->
    "Wishing You Were Here" ... (Or NOT so much) ... :wink:

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    YANG HYUN SUK (PAPA YANG ; YGe Agency Founder) ; Info양현석

    Spoiler: (Click) ==> Info: YANG HYUN SUK involvement

    with B.I & HAN SEO HEE = Ongoing Active Legal Controversy

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  • (Note: HSH does NOT have a 'English' Wiki)
    HAN SEO HEE ; Info한서희

    B.I (ex-iKON) ; Info

    Spoiler: (Click) ==> Info: HAN SEO HEE involvement in B.I Drug Controversy

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    SEUNGRI (ex-Big Bang) ; Info승리(인물)

    Spoiler: (Click) ==> Info: B.I involvement HAN SEO HEE Drug Controversy

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  • SandyBee3 ; ForgottenSoul ; (Everyone Who Reads Above) <--

    yoshiworldhmm ; jinaland <--

    Okay , all of the above ('Display Spoiler' information) gives an idea

    of the complexity of the HAN SEO HEE , B.I , YANG HYUN SUK (ex-YGe CEO)

    ongoing Legal Controversy.

    I did my 'best' to ENGLISH Language Translate the *detailed* information

    in the 'NAMU WIKI' URLs that I referenced them in the 'Display Spoiler'(s).

    The current situation (as of January 2021) , is that YANG HYUN SUK

    will be making HIS *FINAL* COURT STATEMENT with regard to all of this.

    I am *guessing* here that might happen sometime *before* April of 2021.

    And then , after that , the S.K PROSECUTORS will decide what to do about it all.

    They will decide IF there will be finally an ARREST *TRY* of YANG HYUN SUK

    for say *Interfering* in an Active Police Investigation (of B.I). Via the *Meeting*

    interaction (intimidation ???) that YANG HYUN SUK had it with HAN SEO HEE.

    IF there is *NO TRY* for ARREST of YANG HYUN SUK , then , as I see it

    that would clear the way for him to RETURN to his 'Power' Corner Office

    in the New YGe Agency HQ Building.

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