HAN SEO HEE <-- Criminal 'Fashion Plate' Behavior and Controversy ; 2020.12.16

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    HAN SEO HEE (Others) <-- Criminal 'Fashion Plate' Behavior and Controversy ; 2020.12.16

    The above URL ARTICLE is HANGUL Language (KR) ... And I 'pumped it' through GOOGLE TRANSLATE and managed to get an LOL on it ... So , this is that part about HAN SEO HEE (T.O.P's ex-GF) ...

    *** Begin Translation ***

    HAN SEO HEE was criticized for wearing luxury goods when attending her S.K Court Judicial Proceeding.

    Photos Sourced from DISPATCH NEWS (KR) & HAN SEO HEE's Instagram -->


    HAN SEO HEE (HSH) is wearing (above) luxury goods that suit her very well.
    S.K Citizens wondered "(HSH) Do you have a Fashion Show?" ... (Following the S.K Court Proceeding) ... Click above URL to View Photo.

    If the clothes worn by celebrities or criminals cost over Tens of Millions of Won ($$$$$$) , the repercussion is even greater. HAN SEO HEE , who was an aspiring K-pop Idol Trainee Singer, was S.K COURT tried (TRIAL and determined guilty) three years ago (*4 YEARS PROBATION*) for smoking cannabis (Marijuana) with (Group) Big Bang member T.O.P ... (HSH was also involved in a romantic relationship at the time with T.O.P) ... In September 2017 , (HSH) she visited the Seoul High Court to attend the Appeals Court (Proceeding) , with her whole body adorned with luxury goods. HAN SEO HEE appeared in front of the reporters with a Gucci belt and a Chanel bag worth Millions of Won ($$$$$$). Many netizens criticized, saying "(HSH) She is not going to a wedding ceremony, so what is the need to appear in luxury goods?" ... Of the controversy, HAN SEO HEE expressed her dissatisfaction on social media, saying, "What should I do about having (owning) only luxury goods ???" ... (HSH) She also later said (via Instagram) ...
    "Don't lose it (get upset) because this (bag) isn't Chanel" ... While (simultaneously) posting a (photo) picture of her luxury brand Hermes bag.

    *** End Translation ***

    HAN SEO HEE reminded me of a 'Fashion Plate' version of (France) MARIE ANTOINETTE ... Stating as "Let Them Eat CAKE (High Fashion) , As It's (Only)

    ALL that I Own and Wear It." ... :wink:

    Let Them Eat Cake (Marie Antoinette) ; Info

    I actually have a lot of *sympathy* for HAN SEO HEE in her current S.K COURT PROBATION status. HSH has been 'PEE' DRUG TESTED , once per month , for

    *3 Years* now (since Sept. 2017) ... And HSH still has 1 Year More to go on 'PEEING' for her freedom (until Oct. 2021) ... I could wish that HSH would get a decent AGENT and try to get some Fashion Model work. On the other hand , HSH does *not* seem to need the MONEY INCOME though (lives wealthy).

    HAN SEO HEE = PEE BABY PEE !!! ... :wink:

    HAN SEO HEE , Sept. 2020 , 30 days after spending *30 days*

    in a S.K *Holding Jail* ... Waiting for her DRUG HAIR TEST = NEGATIVE ...

    (NO ILLEGAL DRUGS) and Jail Release.

    The above (Top URL) ARTICLE also mentions *other* 'Criminal Fashion' Controversy Events involving:

    (1) Child Sex Offender CHO DOO SOON

    (2) Nth ROOM Sex Scum JO JOO BIN 'God-God' ...
    (3) HWANG HANA (Dairy Queen Heiress , YOOCHUN's ex-GF).

    Click 'SPOILER' below to read.


    HWANG HANA Articles List on AKP (Click URLs above and below)

    Sadly to me , HWANG HANA has had an Illegal Drugs Usage relapse.

    HWANG HANA is likely to 'end up' doing some S.K PRISON time ???


    Hopefully , a few got an LOL on the HAN SEO HEE information.

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