Why are companies now trying to have a Blackpink group of their own?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Why are companies now trying to have a BP group of their own?” to “Why are companies now trying to have a Blackpink group of their own?”.
  • We have this thread every damn day. Every since BP blew up with D4 internationally, companies are trying to use their formula in hopes of having international success because it means profit. It's not that different from the countless cute/innocent concepts that were everywhere when TWICE/GFRIEND blew up in 2016. Companies will replicate the trendiest and most popular group at the time and BP happen to be that group.

    I swear there are more troll threads about BP here than actual appreciation threads.

  • Will they really? That concept isn't popular in the west. And cute/innocent is more overused than girl crush. If you look at kpop over the years.

    I believe so. And while I agree historically there have been more C/I v GC, in recent times for GG there have been more GC than C/I but take Izone's example - from 2019 their sales have been increasing a lot and one factor i would say is that there was a niche in the market starting with Twice's change in style from Fancy onwards as well as Gfriend's change in style - those two groups I would say are some of the bigger groups with a traditional C/I concept groups. The fans that want C/I concepts naturally would find another group to suit their tastes hence Izone.

    Now more and more groups are doing GC/TC (or at least not C/I concept) these days - Itzy, Aespa, Purple Kiss etc but eventually we will see a saturation in the market because there will be too many of them and they will compete. Izone however is set to disband in April this year and when they do that leaves a hole in the C/I market - people discount Izone because yes they are not that popular in the west but they chart somewhat decently and were the 2nd or 3rd top selling GG last year (i can't remember whether they beat twice or not) with over 1m sales overall so they must have something going for them. If there were no scandal I can imagine them being even bigger with cfs and variety shows etc. So when Izone disbands where are all those fans going to migrate to - if I was for example starship i would debut Wonyoung and Yujin in a group with a C/I concept (since they are young) and take those C/I fans.

  • Are they? I mean CJ/Mnet didnt with Izone. JYP didnt with Itzt. Aespa stole KDAs concept... I suppose Everglow is similar, maybe Secret Number also? But than you have groups who debut recently in the last few years like Weekly, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, etc who arent really like them at all...most if those groups dont look, sound or promote at all like BP...

    Im not sure if any even have members from SEA beyond Secret Number.

    Itzy follows a girl crush concept

  • Itzy follows a girl crush concept

    Itzy arent girl crush or billed as it.

    Itzy basically use the same concept as Lik Ooh Ahh. They are called teen crush.

    I mean unless you want to show me the BP songs that sound and look like Not Shy and Icy lmao cos I must have missed those.

    Also Girl Crush isnt and exclusive concept and people have been debuting with it for the last 10+ years.

  • ok my bad, but still their concepts are really similar, both of them hv lyrics which are whacky and random sometimes, both of them aim at woman empowerment, also girl crush is just basically mature version of teen crush

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