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    I explained already, they do not lose the streams from earlier releases before MHJ incident because of casual listeners having them in their playlists since the time Armys helped bring attention to these releases. Casual listeners do not care about MHJ incident but they are also not New Jeans fans, the releases after MHJ incident without Army support get no attention from them anymore.

    Blackpink never has Japanese releases. New Jeans wise, Supernatural has Japanese language the least compared with Korean and English. And How Sweet and Bubble Gum were clearly Korean releases without any excuse.

    It is clear, man, Army support was before MHJ incident, when New Jeans's releases can debut and perform much higher in Spotify Global and Spotify USA, while 4 releases after MHJ incident debut and perform way below their previous releases, on par and lose to 4th/5th gen peers. Debut numbers especially first day show how big your fandom and interested followers of your group, related less to quality of the song, New Jeans' debut numbers especially first day were low for their last 4 releases after MHJ incident, way way way lower than Blackpink and Blackpink solo's debut numbers. If you are really big, you will always have decently high debut numbers especially first day numbers without any exception.

    The only reason why Blackpink has fewer daily streams is because Blackpink does not release since 2022. If you add numbers of Blackpink solos who also have releases in 2023 and 2024 same as New Jeans, Blackpink will have at least 2 times current daily streams of New Jeans'!

    Who is more obsessed? I only respond to you when I have free time while you respond to me minutes/hours after my every respond and even sometimes you respond in Asian time zone that I suspect your claim that you are from western market is really true or not.

    And it was you more than once trying to tell me to stop discussing with you because maybe you are too tired to face reality with me, and you know what, I will keep responding to you, although it may take some time for my response as I only do this at my free time, because I have fun responding to you when I can disvalidate all your false claims.

    This year's total stream of New Jeans is helped by all the releases before MHJ incident when Army helped build attention of casual listeners who just happen to still have those releases in their playlist. Those casual listeners do not even bother to listen to bubble gum, how sweet, supernatural, right now.

    When I say they are competing neck to neck with and even losing to AESPA and other 4th/5th gen peers, I am talking about the current situation after MHJ incident without Army support, NJ's releases after MHJ incident are not above 4th/5h gen peers outside Korea/Japan, far far far far far away from even only 1 BP member, let's alone if BP as a group releases something in 2024.

    And please do not again bring up Korean stats because I will say again it was not about Korean market when you first made false bolded statements in this thread which I am disagreeing, and please do not again bring stats before MHJ incident or helped by releases before MHJ incident because it is clear that we are talking about current New Jeans without Army support.

    And you do not have to keep mentioning BTS-BP gap in every response because I already mentioned 2 times and clearly that there is gap between BP and BTS in the west.

    They may not rely on Army in Korea and Japan, but they obviously relied on Army in the west.

    Top girl group on Spotify.

    With more recent releases than BP after 2022

    With releases before MHJ incident especially 2023 releases helping the stream

    Where did they debut in Spotify Global, let's alone Spotify USA, with bubble gum, how sweet, supernatural, right now? Now NJ is competing neck to neck with AESPA, not BP.

    Top artist on Circle Digital Index. Top artist on MelOn. Most streamed girl group on MelOn. Most albums sold of any girl group on Circle. Most streamed foreign artist in Japan. Fastest foreign act to sell out the Tokyo Dome ever.

    I literally laugh at you trying to defend status in the west by bringing up Circle chart, Melon chart, Japan, Tokyo Dome. Too funny to handle.

    Whether BP' s impact in the USA is incredible or not, depending on who judges it, but BP's impact is far from New Jeans' own impact in the USA (without Army support).

    BP can comfortably chart around top 20 HOT 100, while New Jeans cannot anymore without Army support.

    BP Born Pink world tour alone (not including In Your Area world tour) grossed 99.3 million US dollars in USA alone (not including Mexico and Canada), New Jeans can do that now already?

    BP's 2 coachella performances were highly appreciated in USA, they were even invited to headline the latter one.

    All your recaps and stats were totally in the past before MHJ incident, why are you so proud when it is obvious that they relied on Army support? I believe your thread is clearly about current situation and current gap. You can easily see currently without Army support, can New Jeans on themselves add anything to those stats you bring up?

    I even admitted that there is gap between BTS and BP in the west, but your claim that New Jeans is currently very close to BP in the west is false, they cannot even chart in HOT 100 with their latest Korean releases without Army support. And you know what, once BP achieved first HOT 100 with DDDD, they never fail to land in HOT 100 again even for a single time. That clearly shows the current big gap between BP and New Jeans in the west.

    BTS is currently at the level they can get Billboard HOT 100 no. 1 if they release as a group.

    BP is currently at the level they can get Billboard HOT 100 top 20 if they release as a group.

    New Jeans is currently at the level they cannot get Billboard HOT 100 without Army support.

    Let me recap for you.

    Your claim was that current BTS-BP gap is bigger than BP-New Jeans gap in the western market.

    I admit there is gap between BTS and BP in the west.

    But the gap between BP and New Jeans is bigger.

    It is obvious they need Army to succeed in the western market.

    And I have told you that all endorsements have lead-time, for example, PUBG collab must be initiated since before MHJ-HYBE war. The impact of endorsements from the war will be 1 year from now, if they continue to maintain global success level of Bubble GUM, How sweet, supernatural, right now. So get your seat belt fastened.

    2 Last BP Korean releases at HOT 100:

    Pink Venom #22

    Shut Down #25

    2 Last New Jeans Korean releases at HOT 100:

    Bubble Gum - N/A

    How Sweet - N/A

    What date/year exactly do you say they were in pace to surpass BP before their new songs dropped? Just tell me, and I will analyze for you.

    Which date/year were their streams increasing before new songs dropped, if it increased just before a new release, that is call pre-hype before new release.

    And your 6-9 July stats mean nothing, of course daily streams swing every single day, but in a long-term trend, old songs got fewer and fewer streams when time goes by.

    So Bubble Gum and How Sweet are not Korean releases? Or they landed in HOT 100? Well, you need to calm down at this point, you are so angry that you cannot say fact.

    You do know that all endorsements have lead-time for deal planning, deal negotiation, execution, right? All endorsements they have got and are getting now were initiated some time ago. And I will say again until your ear opens for others' opinions, they have none global impact after MHJ incident, and I will say again the none impact statement is not for the time before MHJ incident when they enjoyed support from Army. If they continue to have same global impact as Bubble Gum, How Sweet, Supernatural, Right Now releases, are you sure endorsements and praises they are getting will stay with them?

    BB 200 result you are mentioning was before or after MHJ incident please?

    Of course, staying on topic is important because it is your own claim that gap between NJ and BP is small in western markets, and we are disagreeing on that particular topic. But you are like trying to defend your claim by referring to other markets which are not relevant to your initial claim.

    Everyone knows recent releases boost up Spotify streams, it is a fact. Only blind people will not understand that logic.

    New Jeans got high streams in 2023 because

    Their Aug-2022 release New Jeans (EP) got full-year impact in 2023, although recent factor may fade down a bit.

    Jan-2023 release OMG (single album) had full-year impact as it was released at New Year.

    Jul-2023 release Get Up (EP) had half-year impact.

    For BP, in 2023

    They have full-year impact from Sep-2022 release Born Pink album, although recent factor may fade down a bit but it is full-year impact.

    The older the releases get, the fewer streams they will have, this is a fact which needs no proof, everyone knows it but you.

    All those attentions they have got and are getting are due to their past performance before MHJ incident which those performance was mainly due to Army's support, I said clearly their impact becomes none after MHJ incident, do you think if they continue to have 1 mio debut on Spotify Global, no HOT 100 charting, for let's say 1 year from now, those attentions they are getting will stay with them?

    Again, you go off topic to other markets when your own thread is about western market, not Korea or Japan.

    My point was New Jeans released more albums in a single calendar year than Blackpink, so they had more billboard hot 100 in a single calendar year.

    Again, the following is off topic but brought up by you, the global stats, not strictly western stats.

    Most streamed kpop girl groups in global Spotify 2024 as of 2 Jul:

    1 New Jeans - 1.161B
    2 Blackpink
    - 1.107B
    3 Lesserafim
    - 1.012B
    4 Twice
    - 964M
    5 Aespa
    - 644M

    2024 streams get boosted up by who has recent releases. Blackpink's last release as a group is 2022 (this list of course is not counting solo work Jennie's, Lisa's, Jisoo's considerable amount of streams from recent releases in 2023 and 2024), while New Jeans released OMG (single album) and Get Up (EP) in 2023 and How Sweet (single album) and a Japanese release in 2024. Similarly for latest daily streams, New Jeans has just released Supernatural and Right Now, so they have the most, if we just include Lisa's daily streams, who also have recent releases like New Jeans, to Blackpink's streams, Blackpink is comfortably ahead.

    Anyway, the point I say their current impact is none whatsoever is the releases after MHJ incident alone, for the releases before MHJ incident, of course, if Army had helped them gain the attention during releases, casual listeners would have already had those releases in the playlist, the releases before and in 2023 are carrying their 2024 streams. But do you see after Armys drop them? Where in the western chart are How Sweet, Bubble Gum, Supernatural, Right Now, any Billboard HOT 100? Even at global spotify, which is not exclusively western market, they are losing to their 4th gen peers' recent releases, and way way below just 1 member of Blackpink's latest release.

    How do my numbers BP's 1m, BTS' 1m, New Jeans' 600k before MHJ incident and New Jeans' no charting after MHJ incident prove your point?

    Seriously, you fail Maths?

    You do not remember your own thread talking about western market?

    You just change topic to local Korean market when you do not have enough argument.

    You only believe and factor in specific dimensions which benefit your own belief.

    New Jeans put more songs in hot 100 in single calendar year, are you really proud of that even it is the fact that Blackpink never releases more than 1 album in a single year and New Jeans doing that was only before MHJ incident while New jeans got support from Armys? that is pathetic.

    Look at New Jeans now in western market after MHJ incident, they just have no impact whatsoever at all.

    It is funny Yama thinks BP is more close to New Jeans than BTS in the west, when latestly Blackpink solo can debut at no. 70 on HOT 100 while BTS solo at No. 88 on HOT 100. If New Jeans member release a solo stuff, Yama really thinks it will debut even in the Bubbling under HOT 100? And Blackpink and Blackpink solos land several multiple entries in Europe's official charts

    Latest USA spotify as a group, Pink venom debuted with 1.04 mio filtered daily streams, while Yet to come debuted with 1.02 mio filtered daily streams, while latest New Jeans releases have no impact to USA spotify at all. Even the biggest hit of New Jeans Super Shy debuted with 0.68 mio streams and peaked at 0.80 mio (Yama to correct if wrong) and that was with all BTS stans' support before MHJ incident.

    I do not think this is considered bad.

    #LISA's 'ROCKSTAR' debuts at #18 on the YouTube "USA" 🇺🇸 Songs chart with 3,112,981 streams, becoming the biggest debut for any K-pop artist song released this year

    She is the main dancer and one of the best performers, not the main vocalist, of the biggest KPOP GG ever, so obviously she will attract more MV audiences than voice-only song listeners.

    And they didn't have to deal with Taylor Swift putting about 30 songs on the Hot 100 either, which is why the longevity on the Hot 100 is more impressive. They haven't lasted as long on the chart as NewJeans without the collaboration with Selena Gomez.

    Chart longevity wise, and not counting the collab, it's Cupid >>>>>> Super Shy > the rest

    Just think of it like the difference between MelOn and Hanteo and keep it simple lol

    You can look at Hot 100 raw points in order to remove the competition advantage/disadvantage

    Blackpink charted songs had more raw points than New Jeans' charted songs with or without collab,

    These two charts track very different things, so it does make a big difference.

    NewJeans spent 8 weeks on the Hot 100. That matches the longer time BP spent on the chart, and exceeds it if you don't count their collab song with Selena Gomez.

    They spent 26 weeks on the Billboard 200, which matches the record set by BP's The Album.

    Blackpink peaked significantly higher ranking in Billboard hot 100 though with or without collab

    It took 2 years to go from 400k to 1.5 million too. Then it went back to 600k in 6 months and you don't get to decide what to combine and what not. Then 800k in another 6 months. And then a year to 2.7 million. And that with all the extra gigs that is.

    So my point stands, Blackpink that comes back too often doesn't sell a lot.

    You really think other Twice member’s solo will sell exactly equal to Nayeon’s, let alone sell as much as Twice group’s album?