Dating rumors → stock price drops' Will HYBE stock price drop if BTS Jungkook is also rumored to be dating?, Knetz react

  • I'm crying, Jungkook really don't be doing anything and still gets involved in everything. And here I thought him being dragged into ggs lyrics being banned by KBS was ridiculous now they want him to end Hybe stocks. ;( Free Jungkook.


  • So I they really made a study/research on the impact of dating rumors on stocks.

    This is a paper titled ‘The Impact of Romance Rumors on the Stock Prices of Entertainment Companies’ published at the Society of Financial Engineering in September 2017. This study examined stock price fluctuations due to romance rumors of celebrities belonging to Korean entertainment companies listed on the stock market from 2013 to 2016.

    In conclusion, Gyeongsang National University researchers said, “When romance rumors about celebrities were reported, it was found that there was a short-term negative impact on the stock prices of entertainment companies overall.” “A celebrity’s marketability is based on an image that meets the needs of the public, and only when they meet these expected demands can their value be maintained.”

    Specifically, if the entertainment company acknowledged the romance rumor, it had a negative effect on the day before and on the day the dating rumor was reported. SM's stock price fell on the day Karina acknowledged the dating rumor, but rose the next day, following the same trend. If a romance rumor was denied, it had a negative effect only on the day the romance rumor was reported.

    In the case of Jungkook rather than Karina, that is, what difference is there between the genders of celebrities? According to the study, male celebrities had a negative (-) impact on the day romance rumors were reported, while female celebrities' romance rumors had a negative (-) effect, but were not statistically significant. In fact, dating rumors of male celebrities have a greater impact on stock prices.

    In particular, if the celebrity's occupation was a singer, the impact was even greater. A singer's romance rumor had a negative impact the day before and on the day it was reported, but non-singer celebrities only had a negative impact on the day the romance rumor was reported and it was not statistically significant.

    In the end, although not as much as in the past, it seems inevitable that the more influential a member is, the more likely it will be to have a short-term impact on the stock price of his or her entertainment company. The entertainment industry is a human resources industry that is highly dependent on its celebrities in terms of profit generation, so it reacts sensitively to noise such as dating rumors.

    [투자노트] ‘로맨스 루머 → 주가 하락’... BTS 정국도 열애설 나면 하이브 주가는 내릴까
    투자노트 로맨스 루머 → 주가 하락... BTS 정국도 열애설 나면 하이브 주가는 내릴까


  • TF are they using Jk for in this research whrn Hybe has never confirmed any dating rumour of WhyKnock the researcher??

  • Soo for everyone else tldr female idol dating is just buzz and costs nothing, nobody loses a job loses money or go bankrupt.

    Male idol dates? People go bankrupt lose jobs money losses people get kicked from groups etc the world ends protests and the company building gets set on fire and a member attempted assassination. Crazy how that works

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