Fifty Fifty's ex-trio being sued for 13 billion won for damages

  • Fifty Fifty's ex-trio being sued for 13 billion won for damages


    Article: Former Fifty Fifty members Sena, Aran, and Shioh sued for 13 billion won for damages

    Source: Insight via Instagram

    [+360] What I don't get about their parents is that it's not like they haven't worked in the real world before. They should know better than anyone how companies are run. If a company hasn't made back their investment in the group yet, then there isn't an income for them to be paid out of, so what were they expecting?

    - [+42] I think they were blinded by the fact that their daughters made it on to the Billboard and weren't seeing logic

    - [+9] They failed to realize that their American fame was pure luck and was blinded by their greed

    - [+1] There's no helping someone once they've become blinded by greed

    - [+4] I did read that Ahn Sung Il was gaslighting the crap out of their parents

    [+379] I don't understand how they still haven't woken up to the reality of their situation yet...

    [+195] I hope they are punished financially so that we don't have to hear about another case like this again!

    [+136] And now it's time to pay the price financially

    [+26] I bet their next plan is to start claiming that Ahn Sung Il scammed them. That's why it's so important to do right in life because it only takes a second for it to all crumble like this.

    [+22] All that rush to get paid just to spend the rest of their life as slaves paying back all this money...

    [+12] If only they had gone back with Keena 😢 They had opportunities to get out...

    [+95] Even if they wanted to go back now, they can't

    [+7] They had three chances to get out of this mess... ah, fickle pride

  • This is so tragic. Lbr this group was going to be a one hit wonder but they could have made something out of it. They were getting brand deals, variety shows which could give money and exposure but all went down. They crashed and burnt

    ღ(¯`◕‿◕´¯) ♫ ♪ ♫ 𝓘𝓤 ♫ ♪ ♫ (¯`◕‿◕´¯)ღ

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  • [+12] If only they had gone back with Keena 😢 They had opportunities to get out...

    Pretty much sums it up, they should have gone back, instead they kept defaming the company.

    One of the reason I can't stand the words mistreatment and mismanagement from Kpop fans is that they use them so casually for an excuse why their biases aren't doing well.

    50/50's initial lawsuit has just made it more difficult for genuine cases of mistreatment and mismanagement to the point that there are propositions for law changes that will only help small companies over their Artists.

  • I agree with the commentators

    Greed really blinds people to the truth

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