Do you think that New Jeans will be able to win these grand prizes again from Melon next year?

  • New Jeans and Ive dominated this year's MMA.

    However, it might be doubtful whether New Jeans will be able to repeat the feat.

    2024 is basically going to be a prequel for 2025, when the final battle to put BTS into cage will be fought.

    Whoever winning in 2024 will probably fight BTS in 2025 before (if)BTS bolts back into the world stage.

    The singer who is well known for her digital dominance has not released a song since late 2021, but she has never failed to defeat a foe she wanted to beat, except Shinee, Laboum and Suran and we have not heard too much about the last two.

    However, Min Heeiin is the person who helped to develop Shinee, the one foe KPop's Greatest Anachronism never beat.

    The singer who is unable and unwilling to contribute anything to KPop made an attempt to discipline NewJeans, but next year the singer who still thinks it is 1991 will have to battle it out with NewJeans to see who is the boss of Korean digitals.

    The Onus is in NewJeans' side.

    NJ is in a superior position, but it knows what happened when BTS forgot to crush the foe at home and how much damage the foe at home caused to the Act which Conquered the World.

    Plus, if NewJeans finally puts the Strange Creature which Plagued KPop for the last 13 years to rest, Min Heejin's position in Hybe will be extremely secure.

    The host of Palette has seen New Jeans in her show and has seen the strength and weakness of the members, and since she did talk to Kim Taehyung and has had many bouts with Shinee, she seems to understand where Min heejin's strategy will lie.

    The next MMA wil l decide who BTS will be facing when they make an attempt to return next autumn. Will they meet their old foe, whose determination to destroy KPop has not been weakened after all these years, or will they meet the young group, whose producer wants to take over them very badly?

    Either way, the BTS members and the Armies are going to watch next year's MMA with keen eye and will plot their strategy accordingly.

    It is possible the 1,346 years old and the Ador act might join forces to greet BTS when it makes the comeback, but both Lee Jieun and Min Heejin have egos too big to work together.

  • Too early to tell but never say never.

    I would like to see new names in the run though.

    Unlikely. In Kpop if a name is established it takes 5-7 years to replace it and NJ's stranglehold is so strong that only the old singer can beat it

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