What would be the plot of a BTS biopic? Or how would you make the movie if you can?

  • Ridley Scott has made the movie Napoleon, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

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    It has the little caveat that everyone there uses English, but in Berlolucci's Last Emperor, all the Chinese characters all speak English as well. Since this preview shows an English formation it will at least cover some of Waterloo.

    In recent history, the greatest tale of world conquest is BTS, whose spectacular rise and fall are probably the most amazing tale on the 21st century.

    Dramatis Personae

    Kim Seokjin

    Min Yoongi

    Kim Namjoon

    Kim Taehyung

    Park Jimin

    Jung Hoseok

    Jun Jungkook

    Hitman Bang Sihyuk


    Lee Hyun, Bang's sidekick

    EXO (a few members)

    Cardi B

    Ed Sheeran

    Taylor Swift

    Harry Styles

    Justin Bieber and his wife

    The Secretary Gen of United Nations

    Joe Biden

    Crazed south Korean incels

    Deranged ultrareactionary South Korean politicians

    South Korean President who flip-flopped all the time

    new South Korean President who is upset that BTS did not perform at his inauguration

    his wife, who is a Blink and not really into BTS

    IU, the owner of Edam Entertainment and BTS' most dogged and unflinching nemesis

    Mr Hong, the owner of JTBC (which hosts Golden Disk) who is upset that the members did not show up on Jan 2022 awards

    Drill Sargent (probably one of the players who played EXO) hard drilling the members



    Hitman Bang assembles some rappers, including Supreme Boy, Eleven, Iron and Kiddo of Top Dog, as well as RM, Suga and J-Hope. The first three drop out and Jimin, Taehyung, Seokjin and Jungkook are added.

    They start from nothing, since Bang and So Sungjin of Source Music had developed the group Glam which imploded badly. In their rookie days they encounter a Lee Jieun, already a top star but with a scandal behind her, who does not take them seriously.

    BTS goes to all the shitty events in the hinterlands while Bang orders PDogg to produce songs. BTS' hard days last for a couple years until Fire begins to get attention.

    By 2016 BTS becomes strong enough to contend the Korean supremacy against EXO. a 2 year strong struggle with EXO takes place . and on 2018 BTS finally ovecomes EXO.

    BTS polishes off all other opponents in Korea in a rapid session except Lee Jieun, who evades BTS' attacks like a snake.

    Demands from foreign fans makes them advance to the overseas but the Covid thing hits. Suga makes the fatal mistake of doing a collaboration with Lee Jieun, in order to give his friend El Capitxn something to do, and that becomes the trap which ensnares BTS in the end just like the battle of Trafalgar becomes the trap which haunts Napoleon to the end.

    Without leaving Korea, BTS' Dynamite, Butter and Permission to Dance become world hits, and the prominent singers of the West fall to it one by one, and by the end of 2021, BTS has conquered the entire world, except Korea where Lee Jieun has launched a strong resistance.

    On Sep 20, 2021, BTS visits the United Nations HQ. However, for reasons unknown for them, Bang Sihyuk refuses to hold a concert in New York and make the members go home, while Lee Jieun's rebellion in Korea becomes more serious.

    On early Dec 2021 BTS finally starts its concert at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, but for reasons nobody could have fathomed, they return back to Korea, which is now owned by Lee Jieun who is deadly determined to bring down BTS and make Korean pop domestic again, returning to the bad old days.

    And inexplicably they don't show up in the Jan 2022 Golden Disk Award, hosted by the owner of JTBC, Mr. Hong who is forced to give the Grand Prize to Lee Jieun, who now becomes the boss of Korea.

    The south Korean president flips and flops on BTS' military service and the new president is ambivalent on it, while crazed Korean incels and deranged Korean ultraconservative politicians cry like mad dogs to drag them to the military.

    BTS' visit on Jun 1, 2022 to the White House does not impress the crazed Koreans and they go berserk.

    As a last minute measure BTS holds its free Pusan concert on Oct 19, 2022 but the incels and ultraconservative politicians are not impressed.

    Some crazy incels come out with the theory that after their military service they would have a 'longer run'. Obviously no one who has ever run an empire thinks like that - once the empire is gone, it is dead. BTS would bring at least $2 - 3 billion per year now - after their service the fans would have moved on and they would maybe move $150 mil per year, which would make then about 25 - 40 years to make up for the lost years. But their crazed brains, wanting to bring down BTS, clouded their judgment.

    Hitman Bang tells them to enlist since Bang likes playing a tycoon in Korea and he also accepted a large investment from the Korean pension funds, and PDogg just nods. PDogg has made his money so he has no more attachment to BTS.

    Seokjin announces his enlistment, effectively ending the BTS Empire since by the time they get out newer acts would have taken their places and the crazed Koreans fall silent. Lee Jieun, watching that news in her $11.3 million mansion (it is not finished yet but in movies they take some liberties), smiles quietly since now she gets to lord over KPop without impunity.

    All members enlist at the same time (again, movie license). Their drill sergeant happens to be a member of EXO, who gets to have his revenge there. As he orders the members to swim through a mud pit, they all sigh as the screen fades out.


    As this is a whyknock thread I admit Lee Jieun shows up in a significantly more prominent position, almost like an anti-heroine, in this proposed biopic.If you could make a BTS biopic how would you make it?


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