Girls what perfume do you guys wear?

  • What scent do you prefer? 6

    1. vanilla (1) 17%
    2. floral (3) 50%
    3. fruity (0) 0%
    4. citrusy (2) 33%
    5. bold (0) 0%

    I am running out of my perfume and i am thinking about buying something different!!! The first perfume i bought was tease by victoria secret!!! and then i changed it to jadore by dior but its too expensive to keep buying ;(;( I am looking for some new perfume recommendations !!!

  • I like citrus scent but they tend to not fit during non summer seasons... I tend to chose floral scents because I find them the most versatile for both personal and professional settings, things like soap smell seem neutral and good too.

  • The scent of vanilla is honestly so nice. Call me a vanilla stan because I love anything vanilla, especially ice cream, milkshake or perfume.

    Also, call me old fashioned but I love floral scents. Even though most flowers irl smell like freshly watered grass, it's still accentuates a certain nostalgic and classic vibe when you wear it :pleading:

    I personally don't wear perfume except for on special occasions (usually I'm good if I put deoderant on and take showers regularly) but I still love them especially since I know some people are sensitive to its smell and kids complain about others wearing too much perfume/cologne all the time and how it lingers in the classroom, in the bathroom (which isn't too bad) and in the hallways :sweat:

    And then you literally have these girls, I kid you not, dousing themselves in so much perfume in the girl's bathroom, I think someone with a hypersensitive sense of smell would pass out... :skull:

  • omggg I used to be the biggest vanilla stan when I was in high school and I used to wear bare vanilla from victoria secret and then I got sick of it and tried a floral perfume called tease by victoria secret and I became obsessed and I use it daily. ;(;( I normally spray it on my neck, arms, and then two on my shirt that it is not overpowering like you said. Its only enough when people get close to me ;(;( I prefer fragrance sprays over perfume bc its less stronger but then on special occasions I use an actual perfume

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