[TW]What's your opinion on the oedipus/Electra concept?

  • Is the oedipus/Electra complex true in your case? 4

    1. Yes (0) 0%
    2. No (4) 100%

    So I brought up this nightmare i had about me hearing that I'm soon to be married to my dad. This random guy at my friends place overhead it and adamantly kept insisting its normal for girls to want to fk their dad cuz freud "the father of psychoanalysis" said so. I told him I was really disgusted in my "pure subconscious dream state"aswell. Thankfully a friend who was a psych major intervened and boy did he spill some tea on freud. Like the other guy didn't let up but oh well.

    My question is how is freud still taught in textbooks if some of his theories are straight up whacky. Like wtf is pp envy?Or horses pps reminding someone of their dad? Like it reads less like a report and more like a bad fanfic that scars you. He makes EVERYTHING about sex, pps or his mum. Even this whole oedipus/Electra thing isn't based on any scientific evidence and as far as ikw hella untrue. Idk the anonymous poll will figure that out.

    But damn that's a really wrong message to perpetuate into someone's head man. Imagine if I were a child that knew no better. This "analysis" would leave me paranoid, confused and very uncomfortable. He must've made sense somewhere in his career but damn putting these ideas into people's heads who already suffer from mental health issues will make stuff so much worse.


  • Psychoanalysis has no scientific basis. It's all you need to know. :pepe-tea:

    Freud's theories should be treated as simply theories and not a form of therapy. I assume he's still taken into consideration especially in the academic field and clinical science because studies surrounding the unconscious mind and whatever have been progressing very slowly.

  • Freud's theories were just theories and while I don't completely buy into his point of view, I do believe that your relationship with parents (positive or negative) does impact what you find attractive in a partner (not sexually attractiveness, but attraction as in you look for those qualities).

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