Are Visual and Maknae important positions?

  • It’s marketing, pure and simple. People complain about the visual concept, yet if you look at idol brand rankings or popularity rankings, it’s usually the visuals that rank highest. So they serve the purpose of getting people interested or excited about the group. That person may not be the chattiest or bubbliest but they get the attention for their looks. In addition to the hierarchical nuances mentioned above, the maknae also serves a purpose in attracting people to the group - you can look across many groups where that dynamic is celebrated or enjoyed in the fandom. Again, look at most popular/highest in brand rankings and you’ll find many maknae there from Jungkook to Jisung to Sehun. Yes, each of them are talented but being the “baby” is definitely a thing here.

  • I kinda feel the visual position is awkward and most criticised, I think visual used to be a title given to people because they had very little else to offer, but now most visuals are the most talented :love: Personally I feel the visual title is a joke and can't believe people actually take it serious LOL, but I guess it gives the said visual member that additional confidence they were chosen to be the groups visual, unless no one else wanted the postion LOL


  • Maknae is not an important position per se but if you choose the wrong trainee to become maknae it ruins the group dynamics. You can't pretend a hierarchal culture doesn't exist in kpop.


    "And they escorted her to a prison cell..."

  • Is the visual and maknae position coin officially by management? i find it not important but i understand that visual/most beautiful member can attract gp easily more with just their face alone. While other member that are more talent cant attract gp easily like visual did. So i guess its important for the management to promote the visual more to attract attention i guess. Maknae i dont know why this exist. Maybe it just bcoz of the hierarcy system? There also leader.

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