DSP Media’s statement regarding April and Hyunjoo

  • Hello, this is DSP Media

    “Hello, this is DSP Media. We are issuing our official stance on the situation between Hyunjoo and the April members. We will be talking in detail about how Hyunjoo was chosen to be in April and how she left.

    Hyunjoo became our label artist as an actress trainee. When April was made, Hyunjoo wanted to be an actress, we convinced her and she and her family agreed to be a part of April.

    After she debuted, because of her physical and mental state, she had difficulties participating in April’s activities. Because of this, there was a lot of conflict and the other members also experienced damage. Everyone had a hard time and suffered, and we decided that no one could be considered a victim or the perpetrator.

    Hyunjoo ultimately expressed that she wanted to leave the group during “Tinkerbell” promotions. We tried to stop her, but she was adamant. It is our responsibility that Hyunjoo and the April members had a hard time. After that, we supported her so she could be an actress. We also supported her because she wanted to be an idol after that. It’s true that we supported her as much as possible after she left the team.

    Unconfirmed guesswork can hurt both Hyunjoo and April. We ask that you do not spread false rumors. We apologize that our statement was late. Thank you.” cr

    original post: theqoo

    1. Bullsh*t ba$tards

    2. It’s true that she was bulliedㅋㅋ

    3. They’re blaming Hyunjoo againㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They’re crazy, are they human?

    4. Wow… They’re blaming the victim againㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. Can you bully someone if they are not sincere?

    6. Are you blaming the victim? They are all disgusting

    7. It made me laugh because they couldn’t say no until the end

    8. This agency is trashㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    9. They were saying she was bullied, but it was the victim’s fault. What the hell are they talking about?

    10. They don’t know the seriousness of this scandal yet?

    11. It’s not an explanation, it’s like pouring oil on fire

    12. Next, let’s clarify if Lee Naeun was the one who mentioned Go Young Wook

  • damn there's so many shallow people who love bringing others down to feel superior

    in one small industry

    a pop music industry at that

    Bboom bboom bboom bboom

    I want you in my room

  • the only one who can clear this up is Hyunjoo but it honestly sounds like they hate each other so i dont see that happening and it it does its gonna be like a weak denial like tara situation. after what that former dude said about hyunjoo i wonder whats gonna happen

  • ofc its not right for her to slack off in April and the members have a right to dislike her but that doesnt mean they should bully her?? They pretty much just told us why the girls bullied her as if to justify it

  • Well, that was one of the bigger non-apologies I've ever seen. Blaming her for it is NOT a good look, and that's what they do here. Do they not realize that if the group was having trouble that serious, THAT IS WHAT MANAGERS AND A COMPANY ARE FOR? That's when the adults in the room step in. So basically they're saying "we didn't do our jobs to protect our member, and now we're going to shade her about it." Gross.

    Whoever wrote this should be as far from a PR department as possible, and I feel bad for Hyunjoo.

  • with Yunyoung statement:

    fans will have a hard time because both statements make it sounds like "what was the first egg or hen?"

  • If the girl is skipping practices, events and causing hindrances to the group promotions and because of this the members became hostile towards her and started ignoring her. Will this be considered as bullying???

    Not in this case cause obviously we don't the whole truth but what does the above scenario come under???

    This sounds soo close to TARA hence I can't stand with the victim here.

  • That’s a terrible statement, they don’t even deny that their manager at the time was in a relationship with one of the members. Surely that member would want to sue for slander if it wasn’t true, but they just ignored it.

    This is the first statement, they released another one and another april relative spoke out too

  • If with this statement I am supposed to agree to take someone to the suicide attempt and then make fun of her and her mother in their faces, for that same reason, because that person had physical and mental problems, and unfortunately could not be there all the time.

    They did not succeed.

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