I’m leaving the forum.

  • No! This has to be a bad dream. Nini, I know you won't see this, probably ever, but know that I miss you so, so much. You are so sweet and funny and easy to talk to. I am sorry to hear you were struggling so much. I really do hope leaving is able to help you feel better.

    I regret not talking to you even more while you were still active. I hope you're able to have fun in life and enjoy BLACKPINK's new comeback, wherever you are. You are an absolute angel and I'm sure I speak for most, if not all, of us from the Blink Guild when I say that you made being there that much better. Take care of yourself.

  • Niniii I'm barely seeing this ;( I'm sorry. I'm gonna miss you, you're one of the best users I've met here. I'm very grateful to have met someone as sweet as you and hope you recieve the same amount of kindness you've given to others. Even though it's unlikely I hope to see you again eventually, but helping yourself is and always will be the most important thing so take your time to heal and improve your mental health :hug-raccoon: Ily Nini take care

    out of service

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