Should idols be kicked out of their groups for bullying?

  • I guess like everyone said it depends on the scenarios. If a member is bulling another member, then yeah, the whole things fake and there's no point acting like it isn't. If it's past bullying, then no comment (I'll just accept whatever the companies decides to do). It's hard to show off the innocent image when everyone knows you're a bully and enjoyed picking on people :S

    Yeah they can move on from it but judging by how squeaky clean Korea likes an idols image to be, it wouldn't be good, they'll always have that label =O ;(

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  • If you bullied someone enough that they've contemplated suicide, needed therapy, sexually harrassed someone, committed physical violence and degrade someone continously, then definitely YES, that person need to be kicked out of the industry. Theres a lot of morally upright, talented, skilled, charismatic, good looking people to take that persons place.

  • Depends on severity, when it happened, and mostly the impact on the group. If the person is a stan attractor that has a devoted fanbase that doesnt care about the bullying scandal, and if these stans make a big part of the group's album sales, then it wouldnt make sense to kick him or her out.

    Bullying scandals from age 10-13 ish dont really bother me, you're still a literal child in every definition. Once you get into HS, i think you should be more accountable for your actions, from say 14 onwards.

    Severity matters too, if you're relentless with your bullying enough so that you drive someone to suicide, institutionalization, or depression/anxiety, then that's a black mark.

  • yes if it went for long time like jimin's or hyorin's. idk for mingyu's case tho, but the victim went to professional for help... i can assume thats a really serious case

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