I find it odd how...

  • victims of bullying suddenly come out of nowhere and accuse idols of bullying in the past. Now I am not saying bullying is okay either, it’s definitely not but bringing up someone’s dirt in the past to me just tells me you want that person’s happiness to be gone as well. I do not know what Soojin has done to the victim, but if they’re planning to show more proof then they’re obviously up for clout. No one brings up their past bullying story out of nowhere just to humiliate an idol, that is not normal :sleeping:

  • I was wtf-ing at Korean reactions to it. They were so serious about it while I was just: "?????????? Dont the most people get called something like that during school years? Why do they take it so seriously?"

    They blew things out of proportion. I mean, ELEMENTARY? They were gonna cancel Chuu over elementary school accusations?? LMFAOAOAOOAOAO ;(;(;(;(;(;(;( dumbasses bro

  • It seems a little SUS and potentially orchestrated. I am not trying to discount anybody's suffering by sharing the previous is a thought that exists in my head. We'll see what is what after finding out the facts and percentages of all these cases being true.

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