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  • r u user @/dopiee ??? They also stanned BTS and day6

  • Hii! :froghype: How are you doing?

    • HI! :mesmerized-bee:

      Sorry for the late reply :oops:

      I'm fine bit sad that we didn't have a white christmas here since I love snowy weather 8o

      How are you and how was your hiatus?


      It's okay :joy: :)

      Oooh meanwhile in our country, we don't have snow at all

      I'm doing great, thanks for asking, my hiatus ended like months ago already lol but it was good :holding-back-tears: How have you been??

    • We also only had like half a day of snow this season and that's it :pepe-sad:

      circa 15-20 years ago we had white christmas every year and at least 1 meter snow but now barely anything and the summers got from 30 celsius being a rare phenomenon to 40+ celsius is almost normal now :peperain:

      (since I like cold weather and hate summer this is awful to me personally)

      Sorry for the mini rant about weather changes :holding-back-tears:

      it's been great christmas time is my favourite part of the year

      are you looking forward to any comeback or debut this year?

      (kpop or outside of kpop)

  • Hi!

    • Hi! Thank you for the follow, can I follow you back? :blushing:

    • Oh yes ofc... Do u like Namjoon? What are the groups you stan?

    • Yes he is my bias in bts although took a long time to choose one, besides bts I stan day6 and the rose but I listen to a lot of groups as a casual fan for example txt, enhypen, gidle, dreamcatcher, mamamoo, shinee, purple kiss, winner basically anyone that I like multiple songs from

      how about you?

    • Then can I put you as my fav army although we haven't talked a lot, you seem fun talking with, I am still replying to your thoughts on true beauty lol..

      Enhypen, BTS, TXT, TEMPEST, BP, Twice, RV, Itzy, aespa, STAYC, Kep1er, (G)I-dle, Ive, Oh My Girl, Weeekly, SVT, SKZ, Treasure.

      I also listen to a lot of groups as a casual fan but it's like a lot so I can't mention them all...

    • Of course! thank you :pepelove1:

      at first when it aired I read the synopsis, saw a few clips from it and I tought it was just too silly but I ended up giving it a chance once it ended and I realised it's really entertaining so I enjoyed watching it a lot ^^

      I failed to mention how well made it was, from the sets to the clothes it was quality, they must have spent a lot of money to make it because it shows

      Do you have favourite dramas?

      Oh I totally forgot about twice and Omg, I like all of their title tracks, they are so fun

  • Hi, how's it going? Why the follow? :wow:

    • Hi, I generally like your comments in threads, you seem to be a level headed nice person, and you always express your opinions respectfully, so I thought I should follow :oops:

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