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    That's simple: Lisa's Money is a bigger hit and Lisa has a bigger fandom streaming her songs even after years

    You know, sometimes the obvious answers are the right ones

    it’s really so sad to watch them project their own petty mentality on other people lol. It’s like it’s impossible for them to look at things from an objective and unbiased perspective or sth, and bc they view every other group aside from their faves as the enemy, they think other groups’ fans must operate the same way and everything those fans said must also be intended to function as an insult towards their faves. Don’t know where they pulled that “money is not a hit” narrative out from your post just bc you showed it has unfiltered streams, when there’s no correlation at all lol and the point was not about money, it was about their hypocrisy 😂

    all this essay from u and some other users when it was nj fandom that call both song viral tiktok hits, it was your doing when multiple peopl explain u before that were not that

    both songs were release end dec/early jan which makes them 7 months old, money reenter the chart this year a few times, with 1m streams, a 2021 song

    I'm asking u again, why a 2 year song could do that but 7 months old song that had 3m streams for nearly 1 month cant

    why tf do you care whether nj stans call their songs hits or not? jobless much? I declare classy’s shut down is a mega massive hit and i really couldn’t give less of a shit if bp stans gave me permission to do that. Deal with it

    Don’t try to pivot this into sth it’s not. Op never questioned money’s achievements and status as a hit song, they just pointed out that it has unfiltered streams, so if bp stans are so offended by their misconception of nj’s supposed unfiltered streams, they should call out bp songs too. But the raging hypocrisy seems to allude your self-awareness all the same, par for the fucking course, and now you’re grasping at straws to dodge the elephant in the room just to have sth to fling nj’s way and divert the focus from your inconsistent narrative. Hilariously and pathetically typical and predictable

    None of your whole post, or your other posts in this thread too for that matter, had any relevance in this discussion. Op’s post initially brought up money’s current spotify numbers not to claim that money is not a hit or that nj’s songs are bigger hits than money. The entire point was made in response to some bp stans (including you)’s obsession with invalidating nj’s streams: they claim nj’s spotify numbers are unfiltered and therefore not legit, and op showed that they are in fact filtered, by bringing up an example of a song that actually has unfiltered streams. This doesn’t mean that money’s achievements are fraudulent, it just means that your claim that nj’s numbers are inflated by unfiltered streams is flat out wrong. So your whole irrelevant defensive tirades against op and nj just look very foolish and hilariously out of place, and it shows that despite all your outcry and preaching, you don’t actually care about unfiltered streams when it benefit your faves, you only do when you think it benefits someone else. The stench of hypocrisy and insecurity ranks from a mile away

    Lost an argument against a person who went personal first? Yes your moral high ground is cute cause the way you only entered in when someone openly called out what is apparent to anyone with eyes and not when bangmenah went around shitposting.

    I am sorry that facts hurt - BTS built that company and funded and continue to fund Newjeans. BTS member solos are succeeding without the massive payola Hybe decides to spend on a nugu group from debut. And what happened today yet again proves how "organic" Newjrans international success is, riddles with massive privilege and underhanded deals.

    did you miss the numerous posts calling out bangmenah in this whole thread from both nj fans and non fans? I don’t want to waste my breath on repeating notions already mentioned before by someone else, i have better things to do with my time. but since bts is a huge fandom and yall often go unchecked on major bullying sprees both against people in your same fandom and other fandoms, the voice of opposition often gets drowned out or oftentimes missing altogether unless there’s bp fandom involved lol, so my post stands out here as if it’s solely to berate you guys. Believe me, i have nothing against the sane bts and bp stans, but when some of yall throw away other values simply to tout your faves as gods and reduce everyone else (including other kpop artists) to lowly morals not deserving of respect in any way, don’t be surprised by criticism. Whether you agree it’s deserved criticism or not, I don’t care and don’t expect to see it change, bc obviously you don’t see the errors in your way to behave the way you do. You can ignore me if you think my words make no difference to you, easy peasy

    You mean the same tact and decency that got you banned several times over on AKP?

    I can think A is more competent than B but if B is not a douchebag that deserves a good beating i’m not gonna come up to B and rub it in their face that they’re so useless and don’t deserve more opportunities than A. There’s a thing called tact and decency. Hope you’ve heard of it

    Reading comprehension is key (2) :pepe-use-head:

    And when you have to pull out personal attack weapons you think you have, that’s when you know you’ve lost the argument lol (2)

    If you are able to quote any army here who insulted and trash Newjeans as an artiste, then do so.

    Nobody is talking shit about the group. If you feel insecure about people using factual examples here, then leave. This thread isn’t for you

    literally right above lol they even acknowledged it by reacting to my post 😂 are you sure you can read 😂

    And before you come back with the “calling them flops when they’re flops is just stating facts and not trashing them” argument, no that’s where your bully arse mentality’s wrong. It doesn’t cost anything not to be a classless arsehole while still getting the point across. I can think A is more competent than B but if B is not a douchebag that deserves a good beating i’m not gonna come up to B and rub it in their face that they’re so useless and don’t deserve more opportunities than A. There’s a thing called tact and decency. Hope you’ve heard of it

    Some bts stans radiate so much bp stans energy it’s crazy, which is entirely ironic of course given how much both sides despise each other lol. Some nj stans can be unhinged sure, but retaliating in a childish game of tit for tat and trashing the artist in question when they didn’t even do anything to deserve it is so tasteless and trashy and doesn’t do bts or their fandom any favour.

    I’m having major war flashbacks to bp stans harassing ikon and winner back then and calling them all kinds of names for daring to “take resources that bp deserved” away from bp despite being “massive flops” in comparison. Like you can be mad at the company and management all you want, but the moment you come after the artist who doesn’t have a hand in any of that, you’ve immediately reduced your respectability and credibility in any argument. Bts stans and bp stans have more in common than they thought lol

    This is a weird trolling attempt by op lol but it got me thinking and realising even more similarities between ive and nj’s first cbs: they both came 5 months after their debut and both were released as a single with 2 songs included. Nj just took it further and promoted both songs (ditto & omg) instead of only one like ive (love dive). Justice for royal tho it deserves more attention :emotionalpepe: