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    Your point is right. I also prefer BP as a group rather than soloists, but seeing how we were promised of something and it seems we are getting nothing is just.... Disappointing.

    Me too, 2020 were so incredible that I thought this year we would have a packed schedule... Guess we were wrong.

    When it comes to Lisa, they simply don’t care. If even the smallest thing happens to one of the other girls, everyone is furious. But they are literally willing Lisa to be disrespected and mistreated. They would send trucks if she actually got a dance break, even though she is the main dancer!

    If her solo is sabotaged in anyway, or they promote the group instead/ as well, Lisa fans will have every right to stop supporting group projects, which they contribute the most to despite her mistreatment.

    Sad, honestly sad. Lisa deserves better!

    I had my doubts when it was may end and beginning of June when we got no news about Lisa's solo.

    The only thing we could rely on is that she was wearing a wig.

    I don't understand why is it so difficult for yg to realese her solo which will just be one song with a video. There is no excuse for this. They even talked about it in the article.

    This is not done. Just incompetence at its full form.

    Maybe in August end? Who knows? No idea when the group will make a comeback either. This is exhausting.

    I thought they would announce after her performance with Ikon, but as I saw how things were quiet i already imagined things got delayed gets again...

    It's all about expectations right? One expects what they were promised. The only thing with YG is that he has proved time and time again that the expectation from his promises should be nothing at all.

    Hi Ves! I never suffered like this for men, but here I'm crying for BP :pepe-sad: kkkkkkkkkkkkk

    but yes, YGE incompetence in the greatest example!!

    - she either was done with nine muses and wanted to do something else

    - she got kicked out/fired

    thats all really I have

    Bc tbh... If she decided to leave i don't see why she said in a way that the members should stay in touch with her.. we all know and she too how busy kpop idols are and how exhausting their life is so i don't see the problem with losing contact as well, she decided to leave the team...

    But this is just if she decided to leave, as we know nothing about it I will still say that she needs to understand that they obviously had reasons to not call her..

    I think it makes more sense to have a group CB then a solo debut, but I’m pretty neutral on the topic as a whole :pepepizza:

    Me too tbh, but YGE promised us two solos before the group cb and blinks were cool with the idea, but I'm already seeing some just forgetting Lisa promised solo.....

    If they stated a solo, a group cb, a solo then it would be no problem to me, but that wasn't the promise ...

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    It's really not. Please just keep reporting.

    Ok, I'm sure you guys are seeing some users..... But thank you for the words!

    Yesterday I had a chaotic state of mind when I saw YGE doing something they always do: teasing us with something that will happen months later just so we won't complain and in the end receive nothing, just the months later surprise.

    I'm sorry for nothing tbh, but I could be wrong and they can still make room for a Lisa solo....

    let's see if I'm wrong about her solo being delayed again, or if they will release it by anytime from now on!

    I will take this opportunity to make a poll to see something.

    And I'm still in this topic bc i think that if Lisa doesn't get her solo this year, i don't see her getting it next year too.... We all know how YGE is.... But I do see BP getting at least a mini album late this year... sad? Sad.

    The last time i made a thread i got dragged no thanks 🤧 just a question though, is this thread a bait thread or is this just considered posting translations from pannchoa

    The news is right, but op is known for his hate towards Lia/Itzy so you can consider it a troll thread as op is using this news to hate on them. It don't care about the victim at all.

    I literally, am staying neutral but you had to pick the reply in which I was giving a different perspective?

    I got bullied in childhood and also got wrongly accused of something in past. So dont @me with the quotes. Staying neutral will not do any harm.

    I hope you are better now! And you are totally right. Staying neutral is the right thing!