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    The key point here is that BTS don’t need to sign with any label before they get these promos

    CR did it fine when they were only distributors for BTS. So far BH has been giving subpar promo along with geffen. But I doubt the point lies with geffen because they promote Newjeans fine

    So at the end of the day I still think BH is the reason why we won’t get any shit done

    Throwing remixes at us won’t solve the core problem that Jimin needs to promote his song to new listeners. That’s how you grow

    I agree with you but what sort of promos are we talking about? I'm not familiar with New Jeans so I don't know what Geffen does for them but personally I haven't heard much beside the distribution deal and playing at festivals.

    If it's korean promos then I 100% agree that HYBE can do so much more, they've been acting stupid and that's not new but if we're talking about US promos then there's only so much they can do without the support of a major US label.

    Dynamite and Butter were special cases. Look at the main writers and producers form those tracks. There is specific reason why those tracks were given full out support by Columbia. Those were Columbia in-house productions, even the damn CEO had writing credits on Butter. Little to no production/ writing input from BTS and HYBE.

    Yes, that's basically it. This is basically why we haven't seen BTS or any of the solos promoted as heavily as they did with Butter and Dynamite. A lot of armys have mistaken this for Hybe's full ability at promoting BTS in the states and worldwide but the truth is Columbia had a big hand in it because it was in their best interest at that time.

    Kpop fans often think with emotion instead of logic, it's way easier to point fingers rather than understand the business behind it.

    I think y’all sometimes forget that Hybe has their own American label that BTS don’t need to sign to another music label to get these benefits

    I wrote in response to another user but I'll say it again, it's not as simple as you guys think. Most labels under hybe america are co-owned or partnered by/with UMG. If BTS were to sign with any of the labels, hybe wouldn't have 100% control over them, they'd be highly dependent on UMG on top of the distribution deal. Take this info as you wish.

    i used to always stand behind this decision - not joining a US label to keep hybe in full control - but seeing how insanely incompetent and even, to a certain level, sabotaging hybe has become towards bts, can't say UMG getting some influence would hurt... at least UMGs focus wouldn't be downplaying bts to make their other groups seem bigger.

    I would agree but UMG and most of US labels don't know unfortunately how to manage kpop groups properly. We've seen, and I don't want to give names, their attempts at promoting (aka payola) groups and pushing them in hopes to top charts that were so painfully obvious (and not that successful) that I'd rather not see this happen with BTS. Hybe has made a LOT of stupid decisions but there's gotta be a bigger reason as to why BTS hasn't joined any US label in all these years...Personally I value artistic freedom and integrity over anything, even better charting performance, but I get why so many armys are frustrated, in a way I am too but there's only so much we can do as fans.

    all of this matters for long term contracts

    i'm talking about pushing 1 song every 3-4 months and these are tracks that are charting on us spotify

    trust me its not that difficult for hybe to do it

    I think I'm in minority here but I'm glad BTS is not signed under any US label. That sort of contract is a double edge sword and it will definitely come with a price, being either their artistic freedom and integrity or who knows what else. I don't think people have any idea how controlling and manipulating these labels can be behind the scenes.

    It's frustrating to see how charts and streaming platforms screw us over but at the same time they're doing exceptionally well worldwide as it is. Payola can only do so much in the end, I've seen plenty of artists being the talk of the month, topping every chart then slowly's really not worth it in the long run.

    true lmao.

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    Spotify has set of other criterias too.

    I did some digging and 2 songs can't have the same code unless they're the same and released in different albums. For example, Dynamite the single has the same code as Dynamite in BE, remixes and other variations must have different codes. So yeah, Spotify definitely has multiple criteria for combining streams

    Well don't know what is up to but if they are combining then all songs should be combined. Twice was dragged on twitter for poor debut but if they combined it would've been one of their highest debuts. But the song wasn't well received anyway, so idc, hopefully next time they learn from it.

    If you're talking about 'Moonlight Sunrise' they have the save IRSC code so the streams were most likely combined.

    And me i find this hypocrites that you are all acting like you care about idols mental health and how they feel

    and can't even think if they would be comfortable or not with unknow people not calling them by the stage name they decided to use before debuting

    And prefer to call them by their real name without even knowing if it doesn't make this idol awkward and uncomfortable

    95% of the time the stage name is chosen by the company, mostly for 3 reasons:

    1. to be easier to remember

    2. to avoid confusion in case there's another celebrity with a similar name.

    3. to fit in with the group's image

    Their real name is made public, unless an idol states they don't want to be called by their real name then I don't see any reason why you should make a fuss about it. Most idols nowadays use their names anyway...

    Let's be real: I think people are actually more pressed about the excuses that Chaeyoung defenders have come up with than Chaeyoung actually wearing the stupid shirt lol

    But I do have to ask: Chaeyoung knows who Sid Vicious and the Sex Pistols is. The shirt is not a common shirt and people just don't randomly wear shirts of bands/rockstars that they don't know. So did she look at the shirt and think that a British Rockstar was randomly wearing a Buddist/Hindu religious symbol?

    I highly doubt she knew of Sid Vicious/Sex Pistols. I'd be more concerned if she did, considering the guy was a convicted criminal.

    I agree, I don't think she had any ill intentions, just extremely ignorant and wanting to look edgy and cool. Just like teenagers these day who think Nirvana is a clothing brand or wearing metal band tees just for the aesthetic.

    Haters bring up melon charting just because they have nothing else to drag them about.

    Tbh, I would personally be more concerned if they started doing really well on melon and tank on spotify. Their music is not GP friendly, so I think they're doing really well considering the circumstances. Also,a lot of k-armys have left melon for Spotify or YouTube Music because nowadays that's what really matters.

    And as I said in a previous post, for a kpop group whose main target is the international market, a number 1 or top 10 is pointless if it's not backed up by numbers (being streams and/or album sales) which surprise, BTS' solos have both. Comparing them with BP or any other 3rd gen kpop solo is pointless since none of those releases made any noise outside their own fandom or had much or any international success.

    Dragging them is pointless, when you ask yourself what's the best selling solo kpop album or the most streamed etc., the answer to all of those questions is surprise, a BTS member.

    this is actually the most stupid thing i read here '-'

    are you saying that for example "Rollin" by Brave girls wasn't one of the most successfull song in kpop just because they never had amazing sales or international streams '-'

    Yes, but what did it do for them in the long run? You can't tell me that they had suddenly gained a massive following or found any success post "Rollin'", because that's the GP for you. I'm mostly speaking about groups that have an international following, there's 4th gen groups that have barely seen the light of melon but chart well in billboard and have sold-out tours worldwide, what the GP thinks is the last thing companies care about when there's money to be made somewhere else.

    The choke hold melon still has on kpop stans is just a mystery to me. I feel like that chart is no longer an accurate representation on what's really popular not only with kpop fans but GP as well, given the power that youtube, spotify and tiktok have now. A number 1 on melon means nothing nowadays if it's not backed up by album sales and international streams.

    Do people think SM artists will lose their vocal abilities overnight or something? Vocal training and practice can only do so much, you can't become Mariah Carey with just a few vocal lessons. If SM stans are so worried about their faves becoming mediocre vocalists if they become part of Hybe, chances are they've always been mediocre. Also, SM artists lip-sync the hell out of all of their performances, where do all of those great skills go? singing in the shower?