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    ahaha I didn't tune into the Produce show much either, but Flash just instantly made ma watch their season xD but it is too cruel, agreed~

    I also ult Ateez, Mamamoo, Seventeen, BTS, SNSD, NCT, IU, Zico, Treasure, G-idle, Dreamcatcher, NCT haha ><

    for sure! I'll tag you too <3 lets become friends too lol, I really like the groups you are a fan of~

    good luck i tried and they wouldn't help me lol.

    anyways anticipating won and keita's debut if rain doesn't fuck them up lol

    ohh damn hopefully it works for me I don't really know the mods but eh ><

    I sure am anticipating, they seem full of potential really

    Yeees, i'm always trying to promote him when there is a thread about soloists. He's so well rounded! I found out about him years ago when he appeared in Yugyeom's vlive, but only last year i started paying more attention to him, he surprised me with his performance skills! He's so underrated!

    Oh yes, Got7&The Boyz are my favorite groups, Woodz & Sunmi are my favorite soloists, and i like and listen to many other groups hehe

    Btw i also love Pentagon, but never see any fans on akp

    ohh yesss, I liked him from X1 days, he just seems like a musician in and out really, he deserves all the love!

    the taste jumped out I see- >< Got7 and The Boyz are 2 of my ults, and I ult Woodz as well, I used to ult Sunmi but rn it is just a fan level

    I really love Pentagon a lot, there were few before the revamp but they all disappeared :<

    someone already made their thread here in a crappy way, i have a ciipher artist thread "elsewhere" with better info. but as i was creating it for this site someone sniped it and posted some bullshit and now it's just sloppy

    owhhh that sounds bad, hopefully I can ask them for the ownership of the thread or wangle it out with a moderator or smth oof

    I love Woodz and his two last albums were so amazing! He's such a good performer and love listening to his music <3

    oml got7. the boyz and moodz? taste bruh-

    but really, his discography hits different, and his versatility oof, he is basically the most well-rounded soloist rn along with few others

    Woodz/X1 fans who have kept up with the members' solo activites? What is your opinion on his discography? doesn't seem like he has a huge fanbase here, I didn't find an artist thread for him either

    (I wanted to make an artist thread for Monsta X, Woodz, Ghost9, MCND, Pentagon, Astro or Jessi so if any fans just vote I need t know if they have a fanbase here, or whether you all are tasteless fools)

    (also gimme suggestions if there are group threads I should do I'm bored)

    (there are few groups debuting this month like Mirae and NTX as well, idk if you guys know them just check out their stuff)

    thank you so much! i love the in-depth answer and i really agree with you!

    i’d like to ask how you think it should be for a nugu artist or nugu rookie, as well! the bigger a group/artist is, the less specifically curated the release cycle needs to be. so a nugu group/artist would be a different answer (like you said)


    tbh, I think the more nugu an artist is, the more promotions they should have, but it should never ever go past 4 months, that is the most you can go with hype really, it dies down by the 5th month and gets forgotten.... the goal for the nugu groups is to hit it big with at least one track, and it has to be promoted for long so that the public hears more of it, so they have to work for longer to make it well-known

    the more popular you are, the faster you release tracks, to keep getting hits and see whether you are at a constant top position, your basic goal is that, and for that you need to release faster to see if it is just a phase or not for the listeners, and to make them not lose interest

    also, I guess you can take an example of a group for my earlier post. The groups should measure themselves against The Boyz's or a group of this much popularity's success. If they are more nugu, they have to go with the first option, if they are more famous, they go with the second option

    3 months

    suppose the track gets released on 1st January

    usually promotion time depends on popularity of group, but lets take a moderately-well off group who is still rising as the average for now

    the promotions, only including awards, performance videos, behind-the-scenes, M-countdown performances should be for a month at least for some good hype, which will end by around February 1

    Next, some appearances in variety shows and small content, with the idols resting for a month or so ending by March 1, basically giving the song some time to chart higher

    last month for them to finish off the minute details regarding the release, filming the music video if needed etc. with the teasers emerging 1.5 weeks before actual release with solo teasers released 2 weeks before as well, ending with the release of the second single on April 1... also, if needed, different versions of the teaser, if it has different themes, can also be released, might add to the hype

    the time between the 2nd and 3rd month can be shaved off by 1-2 weeks, but that is the max for a good hype around it

    tbh, this only applies to groups rising in popularity, more so than domestic popularity, but it differs mostly, based on the group and its style as well

    it will reduce the amount of kids who have to go through trauma, as others already said, also depends on the person giving birth, as there are circumstances which can lead to it, like rape (and I mean any non-consensual sex) and poor financial/mental condition of the parent

    I merely was stating that there isn't the signature sarcasm of old akp anymore but sure ig lmao