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  • What happened to this user, I liked their threads

  • i miss you

  • come back bro

  • Sup bro. :pepe-flirt:

    • hi. are you mad at me too or something cuz i feel like people are taking my posts too seriously to the point that i'm getting warned by the mods for not fact checking enough. if you are then can i bribe you with akorns so we can be cool again?

    • haha no. I think people just get triggered when you make those long title threads. I find them funny though. Usually you should just specify your joking, surprisingly I haven't gotten a warning at all because I tell people I'm a troll. No, I dont need akorns haha.

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  • gimme akorns 3x

    • how much you need? why'd you change your chuu picture though? that was great

    • how ever much you can offer 3x

      my chuu profile made me sad so i changed it.

    • oh that's too bad. give me a sec to figure out this whole akorn thing

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    • omg thanks :(

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