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    I still can't believe op made a snarky comment about how Jennie would make a solo comeback using the money Lisa made for YGE. LMFAO

    Aside from the fact that's a dumbass argument (because 1- Jennie is very profitable and doesn't need charity from anyone, and 2- the money YGE makes off Lisa is YGE's money and they can spend it however they want because in case you forgot YGE and Lisa have a profit sharing contract), if you had any respect for Jennie you'd never say something like that. I can't believe there is apparently a debate about whether this person is an akgae or not, they obviously are, very much so lol.

    An absolute embarrassment lmao, even non-fans are aware of them not being a blink.

    Oh they removed the other members' badges! Well done "blinknation", yes own up to your solo stanning, now we wait for the change of the username and that profile picture.

    Can akgaes go back to their original messy place which is Twitter and stop making such threads, like for god's sake don't you get tired?

    And lol at people here still pushing for the narrative of Jennie being the favorite and they all have one thing in common interesting.

    Well let me tell you, Jennie is the only member whose last individual variety show was 3 years ago. She hasn't appeared on any broadcasting show after michuri while her popularity is at its peak. She is the only one who hasn't had a gig to showcase her main position which is rapping. What she has going on for her currently is her cf deals which she gets asked for like any other member. Her solo promo was the bare minimum, could only promote after two weeks and she is the only one who got 1 song. I would like to see the favoritism y'all are talking about. You guys are stuck in 2018.

    People would rather create an impossible storyline and talk about how Jennie is more likely to get a second solo before Jisoo but won't say a word about something that is already taking place which is Lisa getting a collab just after her solo and before Jisoo's (don't quote me on this, dj snake asked Lisa I know, she got that rightfully, I'm just trying to show how differently people would react in those two situations).

    So this all is not a question about favoritism but rather about "which member do you like the least and know nothing about". Because if we were to be truthful yg doesn't lift a finger for any member because they "favor" them, they operate how they want, only having their company's best interest in mind.

    YG is giving her a collab with DJ Snake so in the end she is getting the best promo.

    Dj snake asked specifically for Lisa so it isn't a yg situation here or yg giving her anything.

    But I do believe if Jennie were asked for this collab and if it were released before Jisoo's solo, this user would've been punching walls crying, and making 100 threads about Jennie being yg's favorite.

    She is going to get one, according to YG. But look how long we had to wait for Rosé and Lisa solos, and then Lisa got no promo...

    I have said before. This forum is proof a lot of the fandom simply love Chaennie, hate Lisa and tolerate Jisoo. They move like YG.

    Hiding behind that jenlisa pf, having badges of all members but constantly crying about how everyone else is favored by yg except Lisa. At least don't be a coward and own up to being a solo stan.

    All I can do is pray for you at this point and hope you wake up from the delusional world you are living in.

    I’ve been doing research. Jennies promo was decent for the time and their popularity. What I don’t get is why rose got better treatment. She is not worthy. they are pushing so hard with her and she is like a pathetic Taylor swift wannabe

    Y'all Lisa's akgaes are truly something else, never fail to amaze me. Lisa deserves better stans. She'll never choose you over her band member, imagine calling her best friend pathetic.

    I can understand having a bias and care only for them but coming for the other members of the same group it's a no no and they keep doing it with Jennie. I don't know why blinks don't call them out.

    In that ca thread they literally agreed with another user and brought her up when it didn't concern her at all. Any blink would quote that and correct that user, but no they added fuel to the fire and proceeded to sum up her "rumors" and again talk about how yg protects her the best when that is so wrong on all levels, Jennie has been getting hate for years and yg doesn't lift a finger for her nor the other members unless it concerns his reputation.

    I've had enough of this Jennie good promo narrative. And the fact that you call yourself a blink, have that username and use Jennie's picture as a profile picture is so damn ironic.

    The way you literally brought up "Jennie saying the n-word"????????? out of the blue in that other thread and yet have her badge is astonishing to me.

    Jennie gets the most hate out of all members and all yg ever did was delete ONE video about that one issue but turned a blind eye to everything else she was attacked for.


    For the millionth time, these are jennies activities, she got the bare minimum, debuted when no one wanted her to, and got hate from everyone, none of the other members had to go through what she had at that time.

    Yg is shit when it comes to all the girls, yes Lisa deserved more promo but for god's sake have a bit of shame and stop obsessing about the other members, especially Jennie. She literally got one song of 2:53 min THREE YEARS AGO and hasn't had any solo music-related activity since then, move on and leave the ot4 pretence behind and act like the solo stan you are, at least own up to that.



    and the only time you talk about blackpink is to say something negative...

    Just because OP has talked about lisas treatment doesnt mean she cant also like and support Jennie, this is why blinks always have problems with each other... you defend one member and you're suddenly put into a box of hating every other member.

    People arent 2dimensional, they can be a blink and also speak out about how lisa is not getting promoted by YG properly.

    Lmao you don't know a thing you are talking about, feel free to search my posts and see when I talk about the girls.

    And I don't even want to entertain you with an answer regarding that but I'll explain it one last time since you clearly lack some reading comprehension and foreknowledge about my reasons for replying to OP. That user has made multiple threads attacking Jennie unprovoked on multiple occasions and still does. Nowhere did I mention or state that one isn't allowed to talk about Lisa's mistreatment or defend her, plenty of users are advocating for Lisa and I don't have a single problem with any of them because they defend her without feeling the need to degrade Jennie and they aren't as obsessed with Jennie as much as OP is. And don't even bother to quote me again if you aren't involved in a situation and don't even have the basic knowledge about it to form an opinion.

    I swear we can’t have one Thread without negativity ;(

    I'm sorry but OP pisses me off, I usually never replay to a thread just to engage in useless discussions. But considering how OP is always and has always shaded Jennie, again and again, made threads unprovoked about how she gets preferential treatment and even claimed she got "amazing promotions" for solo, I couldn't let it slide how they use her for shipping. I'd rather have users be upfront about their dislike for a certain member than be two-faced.