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    I don't know if it's just me, but I get really pissed off when people say TVXQ's disbanded. This is the year of our lord, 2021, TVXQ still exists as 2, they're not disbanded. (I'm not even a hardcore OT2, I'm just really sensitive about this stuff.)

    Anyways, I joined in late 2017. I don't know my first K-pop song (it was lrobably Gangnam Style, tbh), but since I was a Vocaloid & MMD person I encountered lots of dances to songs I didn't know were K-pop at the time. I think I got into K-pop because of BTS's DNA, but the first groups I really liked were SHINee & f(x). A lot of my time as a baby stan was spent on this forum, actually! (I miss you, my matching Victoria and Key badges. I really do!)

    You said it yourself you are new and came later into the game

    Don't go off on older fans who had lived the whole disaster (and feel weirdly sensitive about it on top of that)

    It is not the same tvxq and people either think it is the old or the 'new'

    No one see tvxq/dbsq as the same group when comparing the two

    It's just sm hating letting go of group names or rebranding

    You are free to see it however you want, but so do others

    BTS already announced their new single, Permission to Dance, drops July 9th a week ago, so yes basically a month. We haven't heard anything official about Lisa' promised solo from YG yet, but she was mentioned by a popular MC as coming back in July.

    Woah i am really out of the loop

    Surprised i didnt saw the news on twitter in some ways

    Well i guess birthday present in advance, my bd is exactly a week after xD

    That MC said bts and Lisa will release their songs in July.

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    Doesn't bts officially announce (themselves) their real comeback like a month in advance at least? (Or has there been already an announcement and I just missed it)

    first songs were survivor and mirotic from the original TVXQ (and yeh, young me simped over Jaejoong because DAMN his voice and visuals, never simped over anyone/famous people before that)

    I was on and off

    Then tvxq disbanded and jyj was being blocked by SM everywhere then they went to the military and I stopped listening to kpop officially not long after snsd kicked Jessica out (it wasnt the same anymore and super junior members were going to the military as well)

    Didnt come back until i accidentally listened to blood sweat and tears from bts

    Didnt become a fan until DNA

    I would say i was truly a big kpop fan in 2016/2018 after that the overall kpop style geared somewhere else sound wise and I just dont really feel that attached anymore

    I might check from time to time but certainly nowhere as much of a big fan

    Tbh it's been so long i don't wven know anymore

    It has been big part of most of my life but i was nowhere the type of super loyal fan that would spend money etc (i did want to go see the jyj concert in Barcelona but saw the add too late rip, i did go see bts kn 2019 in Paris tho, would still go to another concert if I could afford it and this time i can get better seats)

    Unless there is another song that catches my attention back I guess

    Rn i would say barely 5% of what I listen is kpop

    im more into cn media at the moment (then jp and western)

    That's so cool. Too hear kpop on radio

    Tbh here in the uk i mostly hear bk (the ones in english, like the dua lipa one) and I think either shinee or exo or even seventeen (i didnt know the song but the presentator stated which group it was after)

    Otherwise i remember hearing dynamite back in Spain in the summer while at correos (post office) :D

    Europe slowly and steadily getting into kpop xD

    I remember when I went to Paris to see bts concert back in 2019, the taxi driver that was driving me back from the stadium to Charles de Gaulle airport said they heard them and BP as well

    as the title mentions, i was going back up to my room and I had the window open.

    One of my neighboors (old lady/a grandma with a son and I think 2 tiny kids live there as well) have the radio on almost 24/h a day everyday (with the most old-ish songs and hits one can imagine, sometimes it is nostalgic and a good selection, sometimes i am actually forced to close the window)

    And then there was butter (it was around the last part of the song already when I noticed it)

    I am in wales (UK) and only ever heard kpop on the radio when I was shopping (at our local Asda) a couple of times since coming here (almost 2 years now)

    I'm guessing the UK does like Butter if it is in the radio here lol

    I got excided so had to make a thread and announce it, it was so unexpected xD

    i don't know what to think about the drug thing. it looked like he sniffed but then again wasn't there any security? how could he enter the event with drugs? i know it's the netherlands but... lol. would he be that stupid to do it live on national television? the truth is that it really isn't clear what he's doing, there's no actual proof, just speculation. as for looking drugged; maybe that's just their attitude in public lol. I DON'T KNOW!

    i hope that 2nd place brought eurovision excitement to french people, barbara did really well and you should be proud of her.

    i was reading comments on italy's video and everyone was so hyped up for rock song winning and one british guy said that the uk shouldn't make any efforts because the contest is a joke. if they think that first 5 songs were a joke... :pepefacepalm: no wonder they are always last. was it once a joke? yes, it was. but look at this year's staging, outfits, and songs, they were all classy. not hamster wheels burning pianos, just artists (and dancers) on the stage performing their songs.

    The most suspicious part imo is the dude on the left how he reacted when they were being filmed lol

    there are a lot of extra salty british comments accusing eu to be petty for brexit and hence the 0 points

    They must have forgotten norway, russia and australia were also there lol

    that said, the timing does make one wonder xD

    spain needs to renovate its operación triumfo system (it's how they choose and train concursants), feels like they have been sending the same thing recycled over and over again one way or another (so not suprised they were still close to last)