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  • Didn't know you were here lel, welcome~

    • I've been here for a while ^^ Do you recognize me? Are you looking for something?

    • Well....definitely not active I believe? And of course I do! It's like we're going full circle, one of the first users I met on here~
      I'm looking for nothing but an acknowledgement of a friendly face lel.

    • Tbh I didn't recognize you :sweat: But that's probably because I was so young when I created this account. But it's nice to see that there are people who remember me! I don't think I had that many connections back then (and I still don't, really).

    • Wait, are you this Mysteric?
      This was our last conversation~

      I thought you'd remember me since you randomly sparked conversations with me on my profiles like this lel.
      And you used to talk about not having enough connections in 2018 even. :")

    • Which site is this? I don't use this handle on every site. Also, I have the underscore in front of my name.

      I feel like if I randomly struck up convos w/ you I'd remember you more. The most I remember from my old AKP days is lurking around the bashing thread and trying to talk to random people.