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    I think the stupid thing is that Unforgiven hasn't even come out yet and you're already seething about lines. It's a preview, it's not like it represents all of the song! It's all of 54 seconds and you're mad your bias is getting less lines! As other people have said, having less lines isn't mistreatment, it's just that you think your bias is the center of the earth. Guys, is it mistreatment if my bias doesn't have complete dominance over their group? Should I email HYBE telling them to coup-de-tat LE SSERAFIM and have it become LE SSAKURAFIM?

    I went into this thinking you guys in this generally provincial community were - gasp - actually having a civil and somewhat interesting conversation. Then I learned I should never trust K-pop stans (and especially ones on here) to not argue.

    Anyways, I get the Jennie-Wonyoung comparisons, although I reckon that has more to do with success factors than OP would want. Koreans are loving IVE right now and they have a chance of catching up to TWICE like anyone else, but so does NewJeans and even then both are not even close to reaching the mythical "nation's girl group" status because they debuted, like, what, two weeks ago? But that's also success matters, actually. But it's hard to leave out success when talking about equivalents like this, lots of inter-gen comparisons are basically "this group is like that group because they're popular." It's also pretty hard because 3rd and 4th gen are two different gens with distinct sounds and different horizons in what's possible. We've gotta accept it, this is out of the old and into the new. (But the vibe comparisons that one person made are actually pretty good...)

    Ultra sappy ballads that close out the albums. I almost always skip them.

    Yes! There are definitely good ballads, but most of the stuff that gets put on K-pop albums is uninspired mush made to fill album space. It's especially grating when most of the members have no vocal skills to speak of. (Looking at you, Say by SECHSKIES! I love y'all but... until you're even remotely skilled, leave the singing to Hoony)

    I mean, I think more drama would make the K-pop world worse overall. Fans are always arguing so venomously over the dumbest things imaginable, imagine if they got their hands on real drama. It would be terrible! I think I would have to shut myself out of the K-pop scene like I did when Burning Sun happened. The thirst for tea really wears out once the misery starts getting to you and you become toxic yourself. Watch some makjang like The Penthouse if you want drama - at least you're not treating real life as if it's a TV show.

    And the saddest thing is people ship not only KPop-idols. Back when I was a child many people I grew up with loved to ship whatever trend-couple was in a magazine even if the people actually did not date but played it in a movie and so on. (the hottest shit in the 2000s was when Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron announced to date after meeting on the set for High School Musical).

    I also saw some random ship-stuff in Japanese music as for example when JO1 debuted and in the same time people allready decided to Ship Renkumi (Ren x Takumi) or Keigokumi (Keigo x Takumi) aaah

    I mean, shipping's existed since the 1st idol group and it's existed since the 1st fandom... I'm not trying to justify those people, but since shipping is a key part of fiction fandom, it would naturally come into play as real person fandom developed. I mean, the group of people that tried to deny the existence of a whole child for their ship were Larry (One Direction Louis x Harry) shippers, right? I feel like once you start knowing the existence of stuff like McLennon (The Beatles Paul McCartney & John Lennon... one of them's dead, right?), that's when you know you've gone too far.

    What about you burst their bubble into tears by saying "Wait isn't Luhan married allready?" Maybe this helps ... also I bet he was married or is going to marry ... idk but 2 years ago social media was full of that he asked his GF to marry him

    I mean, K-pop stans will still be just like that... I've heard tales of KyuMin (SuJu Kyuhyun x Sungmin) shippers still existing even after Sungmin got married (although I've never witnessed one myself). For things I have seen with my own two eyes, there was this one video made by some shipper of (former H.O.T) Moon Heejun & Jang Woohyuk in, like, 2018. By that time, H.O.T. had been disbanded for 17 years (although to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, they had been doing reunion concerts for a bit) and Heejun was already married with a kid. And, while neither of them are married yet AFAIK, it's amazing to see there are still YunJae (TVXQ Yunho x former TVXQ/JYJ Jaejoong) shippers in this day and age. I have seen the most insane non-proof come from those people since they haven't even been in the same group since 2010!

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    I'm not sure if anyone will get this, but the second picture in Hyuka's birthday post looks like a promo picture for some Japanese host club. Outlaw the Snow app, stop ruining perfectly good faces!

    Oh, but anyways happy birthday Kang Taehyun Terry. My sister loves you so that love's been transferred to me too, I guess.

    Who? IDK what people you reffer to

    Luhan & Sehun from EXO, Luhan left EXO in 2014 and the ship should've died... but K-pop fans are just like that.

    Anyways, I didn't see it IRL, but what about that girl who went to a GOT7 fanmeet (?) with a shirt that said "JB f*cks Jinyoung in the *ss"? I heard by the time she took photos with GOT7 she got the shirt covered, which is a relief, but still... why would anyone do that?!

    The real history is with fans thinking their faves will disappear when SM debuts a new group. Red Velvet fans did this with Aespa, f(x) fans did this with Red Velvet; hell, going way back, H.O.T. fans were scared that when Shinhwa debuted they'd put H.O.T. on the sidelines! SM fans worry because of f(x), but really most of these scandals probably have nothing to do with the rookies. Or are we going the conspiracy route and saying SM plans these to get their old groups out of the way? I just don't find that believable, to be honest.

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    I'm hopelessly out of date with K-pop, but NCT 127 just released what seems like track of the year. Or some bored jazz musician's LSD hallucinations. Either way, something about it just hits me the right way. (The whole repackage outslayed anyway, but this track slayed with no prisoners.)

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    I feel like I've heard some of these criticisms since 3rd gen (especially the "fans only care about views" one). And this is not a criticism of the video itself, but a lot of the comments on these types of videos reek of "not my faves tho stay safe". Like, I see MOAs and ATINYs on those types of videos singing the praises of their faves – and, if you're not dragging anyone down, keep on doin' – but the "not my faves" attitude makes it feel like they're dragging down other groups.

    I wonder, though, I'm not too connected with 4th gen... which groups are those "muhfaves" people thinking of when they say their faves are different than other groups? Who are the other girls?

    Never trust info given by a sasaeng. Likely, it's not even a sasaeng but just some fool on the net pulling rumors out of their you-know-what. If it has no sufficient proof (and no, 2 idols wearing the same thing is not sufficient proof), don't bother. It's not worth it to even give stuff like that the time of day.

    One quick fun fact is that NCT's concept was first announced on January 27th, 2016. 1/27/2016. It's the very first 127 day!

    I'm also listening to Treasure now, and that reminded me of how YG Treasure Box was named after a Korean term that's equivalent to the "YG basement"; YG groups come back, then they get shelved for a long time like jewels in a treasure box. So Treasure's name is basically a reference to the YG dungeon.

    I feel alone in saying I don't. Maybe it's because I have so many songs in my playlist or I just like discovering new things, but I think my absolute favorite songs are best enjoyed sparsely and when I'm in the mood. I also get easily tired listening to the same song more than 3 times in a row - that's how I funked myself out of I Munna by Eun Ji Won. I like variety, y'know?

    My goodness, by older I thought it was gonna be, like, some MBLAQ song from 2011. But apparently 2018 is old now...?! It reminds me of this one K-drama I was watching (forgot the name, but it was more comedic and short like a web drama) and it had this one section parodying the Reply series but for 2016 (the year it was released in). But now that 6 years have passed between 2016 and now, it was actually a bit nostalgic for me who joined the K-pop scene in 2017 in the aftermath of all those things. Like, they showed Cheer Up by TWICE, Pick Me from the first Produce and stuff like that...anyways yeah I feel old now.

    What's your favorite song by DIA?

    I think the one that's stuck with me the most is their debut song, Somehow, but I also like WooWoo and Woowa (how creative, MBK). They weren't a group I was crazy about (that prize totally goes to WJSN!!) but I awaited their comeback nonetheless. Coupled with the fact that MBK announced a comeback that never happened back in 2020, and I just wanted the decaying arm to be cut off. Put me out of my misery, MBK!!