Jessica Jung reveals that she doesn't have any Korean name

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    'Honestly, not a lot of people know that Jessica is my real name. My real name is Jessica and I don't have a Korean name. I just made it up. It is written in my passport that my name is Jessica Jung'

    I've always thought her Korean name was Jung Sooyeon, turns out her real name is Jessica Jung and she doesn't have any other name.


    -I didn't even know she was not Korean. I've always thought she's Korean and Jessica is just her stage name.

    -Hul, I see. Does that mean Jung Soojung is not Krystal's real name?

    -Krystal holds dual nationality, so Jung Soojung is also her name. However, Jessica only has one nationality, so her name is just Jessica.

    -She's not Korean, so she just made up a Korean name just like Korean celebrities making up English names

    -Isn't that obvious? Even Ma Dongseok doesn't have an actual Korean name.

    -Why is this such a big problem? It's more common than you think, guys...

    -It's quite interesting...

    -It's because she's American...

    -Sunny also holds dual nationality?? This is more shocking to me, I've never heard that before

    -Hul... I had no idea. Jung Sooyeon and Jung Soojung are such beautiful names, it's a good thing they came up with those names. It suits them really wellㅋㅋㅋ

    -Does that mean Krystal's real name is Krystal Jung?? Jung Soojung is not her real name??

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