Yoon Yeo Jung reveals she felt offended when asked to audition for 'Pachinko' despite 50 years of experience

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    Article: Yoon Yeo Jung reveals she threw out her script when requested to audition despite '50 years' of acting experience

    Source: Insight via Instagram

    Yoon Yeo Jung on being asked to audition by Apple TV, "I didn't understand why they were asking me to audition when I had decades of acting experience. I knew that if I had auditioned and was determined to 'not be a fit for the role', the Korean industry would take that as 'Yoon Yeo Jung failed an audition'. I didn't want to risk putting 50 years of my experience in jeopardy over this one role so I threw out eight scripts at hte door. Then they told me that I wouldn't need to audition, which is how I agreed to the role."


    1. [+241] I don't think any side is in the wrong. The producers for requesting the audition or Yoon Yeo Jung for denying it. If an audition was necessary, there's nothing wrong with asking for it, and if she doesn't want to do it, there's nothing wrong with denying it~

    2. [+286] But I feel like an audition is not that big of a problem, especially if it's to determine whether she's a fit for the role or not.. is it really something to throw out your script over?

    3. [+86] Her acting is obviously displayed in her many movies and dramas already. I don't think even Hollywood would do something like this over an actor they scouted for the role already. It'd be a different story if she sought them out for the role first and had to audition, but they sought her out first.

    4. [+9] But there are still steps that need to be taken for these things... ☹️

    5. [+23] At her status, she is being cast for roles, not auditioning for them ^^

    6. [+30] It's understandable if she just ignored the script and said she didn't want to do it... but to throw it out? is a bit much...

    7. [+3] Is there a level for auditioning, though? 😢 Are some people too good for it and others not?? ㅜ

    8. [+16] She has 50 years of experience, how could the director not already understand her acting style by now? You either know if she's right for your role or not, why would they even request an audition from her? I don't get it..

    9. [+11] I'm staying neutral on this... I understand her fears of risking her career over this role but I also think the director is within their right to ask someone to audition to find the right fit

    10. [+97] I don't think the director was necessarily ignoring her experience... just that they wanted to see her vibe for the role? Just because she has decades of experience doesn't mean she has the right vibe for every role...

    11. [+48] Doesn't everyone audition, though? Even top stars in Hollywood?

    12. [+8] I don't think this was very humble of her... it's not like she's some god of acting?

    13. [+10] I do think they were looking down on her... asking someone with 50 years of experience to come audition

    14. [+1] Hmm... but you have to wonder, who can judge the acting skills of someone who's been acting for over half of their live?

    15. [+9] There's nothing wrong with auditioning. I think she's setting a bad example for her juniors, tsk tsk. Be more humble.

  • Just because she has 50 years of experience doesn't automatically mean that she's right for a certain role. Even top Hollywood stars sometimes still have to audition or do a read through just to make sure they're right for the role. We've all seen some examples of when someone is given a role on name alone and they end up being super miscast.

  • Don’t top Hollywood actors also have to audition for roles though? Isn’t that how we end up hearing stories about how some famous actors were considered for certain roles but were passed up for one reason or another? It shouldn’t be something that affects someone’s career. And you may have decades of experience but that doesn’t mean you’ll fit that specific role either.

    Anyway, in the end she was still within her rights to refuse.

  • Wasnt the grandpa from Squid Game a complete nugu before the show? He even won a golden globe after his performance, imagine if that went to a guy that didnt even had to audition. Unless the authors of the show have a very specific actor in mind to play their characters, its a bit arrogant of her to think she doesnt have to audition, especially if its for a big show. Most of the movies/shows that rely on the names of the cast for publicity suck so bad (Cats, Don't Look Up, etc).

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