FORBES: Twice Beats One Of Their Own Impressive Records On Billboard’s Global Chart

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    After recently slipping to No. 133 on the Billboard Global 200 chart, Twice’s single “The Feels” rebounds on the latest edition of Billboard’s ranking of the most-consumed tunes in the world, lifting to No. 122. While it’s great for the girl group that their release is improving in its position, it’s not the slot it sits in that’s most impressive this time around. Instead, it’s the amount of time the cut has been present anywhere on the list that’s worth noting, as the band has broken out of a tie with themselves for a specific and important bit of history.

    “The Feels” has now been charting on the Billboard Global 200, which ranks the most popular songs on the planet using streaming and sales data, for 16 weeks. That’s a fairly long stretch of time for any tune, and it’s historic when looking only at those cuts pushed by acts hailing from South Korea.

    As “The Feels” earns it sixteenth stay on the Billboard Global 200 chart, Twice passes themselves, and the hit single becomes the second-longest-charting tune by a South Korean girl group in the ranking’s history. The tally has only been around a little more than a year, but already the many-membered vocal outfit has shown that they know how to not only debut a cut close to the top, but how to keep it going strong for months at a time.

    The only release by any South Korean girl group that has spent more time on the Billboard Global 200 than Twice’s current focus is by Blackpink. The quartet’s “How You Like That” spent an astounding 34 frames somewhere on the list before falling off for good. It ranks as not just the best-performing tune by a female act from the Asian nation, but the fourth-longest-running ever by a K-pop outfit, coming in behind only singles by BTS and Pinkfong.

    Just last week, “The Feels” was on the same level as Twice’s previous worldwide hit “I Can’t Stop Me,” which preceded the current win by nearly a year. “I Can’t Stop Me” spent 15 weeks on the Billboard Global 200, making history at the time in a multitude of manners. Now, it has been demoted slightly when comparing tunes by female-fronted K-pop acts, but it remains a major smash for the band.

    It looks like “The Feels” will continue to chart well on the Billboard Global 200 for at least a few more weeks, but it still has a long way to go before it matches “How You Like That” for the all-time record. Will Twice be able to hit that mark? It’s certainly possible, but there’s no way to say for sure at the moment.


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