Would you ever want to volunteer for the Hunger Games?

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    for those that don't know, the hunger games is a competition between the districts of many. It's basically a survival death match and a fight to the death.

    If the odds were definitely in your favor...like you were from a Career District (A District That Trains for the Hunger Games and Is Really Wealthy) for example. Such as the Districts of Luxury, Masonry, or Fishing (because they have closer ties to the capitol, panem, the extremely elite group of people (and the government) that hosts the games). I mean...you might win! If you win, your life is set (filled with goods, riches, wealth, you name it) and you get to live in the Victor's Village for life! I don't know if anyone posted anything about the Hunger Games yet but I'm interested on your thoughts. Looking forward to hearing it... =]

    I am a mentor! Mentors train and prep Hunger Games tributes for the games. They guide their tributes to victory as well, lining up sponsors and doing whatever it takes for their tribute(s) to win. Good luck to all!

    I recently won my Hunger Games and will be moving to the Victor's Village. I'm from District 1, Luxury. A Career Tribute, Victor, and now Mentor. May the Odds be Ever in your Favor!

    A Career Tribute is a Tribute that has been specifically trained for the games since birth (attending academies and combat academies as well That was my district and how my parents raised me.) They are the most agile, most mentally strong, and most physically trained for the Games. They tend to form alliances in the beginning of the Games and search for other superior tributes to join the Alliance or so on so, Career Pack.

    And I did read the Three Books. The Trilogy. Hunger Games, Mocking Jay, and Catching Fire.

    May The Odds Be In Your Favor.

    Remember. Everything is for the Captiol and by the Capitol. - Panem

    Also, I was moved from Masonry and put into Luxury. Adieu~ - Sapphire

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