rosé will have the most iconic solo debut for a woman in kpop ever

  • rosé is about to debut and it will be the biggest and most iconic debut of a solo woman ever!

    rosé is going to have an ep, with two singles, and obviously it will be iconic and hugely successful. this woman is the main vocal, lead dancer, and unofficial western spokesperson of the biggest girl group in the world.

    rosé is extremely popular. her vocals, dance, musical style, visuals, etc. have attracted many people and she’s pretty much the ideal for western music fans. not to mention ive noticed everyone in korea is like in love with rosé these days. her debut is really anticipated a lot.

    her involvement in the songs has me excited. i’m sure the title track will be killer. and you know she’s got choreography on check, bsides are all going to be stunners, and the mvs will be icing on top.

    add all of that together and you get the biggest, best, most globally successful debut of a solo woman in kpop ever. i’m so proud of her. she deserves this so much and has waited so long.

    and what’s more iconic than that? anticipate the biggest female solo act in korea! (yg dont fuxx this up or i’ll find you)

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