What if 2nd Gen groups were to debut now in 2021?

  • "2021 has started off with a bang and seems to be the year of 2nd gen groups and artists: SHINee is back and will be dropping their album soon, IU is having a comeback too and even JYPE announced 2PM’s comeback earlier today.

    2nd gen of Kpop gave us some iconic groups: Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD, SHINee, Miss A, f(x), infinite, wonder girls, KARA, etc. and most of these groups gave us great music. With Kpop blowing up now, especially since 2015-16 I’m curious, if you could bring back certain second gen groups now in 2021 and rebrand them as fourth gen groups, what groups would they be?

    Personally for me I would love to have f(x) back! They were totally ahead of their time and I really wish SM had managed them better. Its sad how SM has completely erased f(x) off its history and soon we’ll have new Kpop stans who won’t even know that SM once had a group that debuted between 2008 and 2012 and people would just assume that EXO was the group that debuted after SHINee. With the growing popularity of kpop I think f(x) would have easily been one of the top ggs now.

    As for boy groups, I would love to see SHINee as a fourth gen boy group! SHINee has been the trend setter group of Kpop for years now even though SM had no grand plans for them when they first debuted and the number of idols who look up to SHINee is endless so I would love to see how SHINee would rise if they were to debut now and get the kind of exposure that fourth gen groups get."

    Top comment:

    "If OT5 SHINee debuted now, with the styling of 2021 and the talent they have always possessed, and actual good marketing that they never received ... phew."

    Not me stealing from reddit lmao. i think this is an interesting thread though, and im not really a reddit person, so i borrowed it for here.

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