What do you do when black out?

  • There was a sudden black out where I am at few hours ago, in a few minutes time they said on internet its a nation wide black out for some silly shit in one of power plants that messed up electricity supply of the country .

    8:00 PM here now , I went out for food a while ago pitched dark within a few blocks, street signs store lights all dead, few blocks out it was good, they will switch places to black out before the whole damn thing fixed.

    I went in a 7-11 , all dark except for emergency light. they light up candles put on coffee tables in the store and play cards....2 chicks on the job joined them too geeze you little %^&*($%.....smh..

  • This use to happen alot to me growing up as my family were poor, so sometimes we wouldnt have enough money for electricity or gas.

    So we use to use candles and torches and just continue whatever card game or thing we were doing at the time.

    Majority of the time we'd still had gas, so we could still cook by candle light on the stove. We didn't have internet then so it was easier to adapt I guess.

    Now a days I just do the same thing I did then (I always have candles and torches in my home) , we just play board games by candle light until power comes back they don't last that long usually, we did have one that lasted 2 days a couple years back... It was a mission to eat the stuff in the fridge and freezer.

  • Note the time it went off

    Fill the Bathtub

    Turn on my (yes) lightsticks, emergency extension power light thingy, flashlight

    Unplug and switch everything off (power surge)

    I'm not using a gas stove, oven, generator

    Keep the freezer closed

    Make sure carbon monoxide detector is working

    Bring solar lights (if any) inside

    Keep a single light on as far away from everyone else as possible

    I was in a different country one time when the power went out for five days. Fun.

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