Do Y'all Watch 90 Day Fiancé?

  • I've been watching it on Hulu since late last month and I have to say I've been hooked. There are so many spinoff to this show that I'm not even half way caught up yet. I've watched up to season 6 and up to season 3 of Happily Ever After so far.

    Who are your favorite couple?

    My faves are Chantel and Pedro. Chantel is total ditz lmfao, but I love her so far. She's so classy and her segments are entertaining. I feel like her story actually deals with a culture clash compared to the others . And did you see her flip her hair and said goodnight to Pedro's stank sister after she called her a bitch? LOL and she got Pao all the way together in a single sentence on the tell all. She's a good sis.

    - Disappointed in Pao. I liked her the best at first, but she's dumber than she looks, and needs to get her saucy friend in order. What's the deal with him anyway? He must have a crush on Russ.

    - I'm sorry, but I'm on team Mo. Idc, idc, idc. He's an asshole, but Danielle scammed him first, so oh well.

    - Nicole and Azan segments are like watching a rundown straight to video Aladdin sequel. She has that baby calling him daddy. A mess. Poor May.

    - I'm mad at Devar. I don't want to look at his fine ass no more. Out of all women, he picked- ugh, nvm. Smh. All I'm going to say is that he could do way better, but whatever. That's his "lovely lady, Melanie."

    - I'm so sick of Jorge. Watching his segments is like watching a sad episode of Drake and Josh. I can't stand him. He knew he tricked that girl into thinking he's a millionaire. Now he's acting like victim and claims that she's a prostitutes. Okay, she's an escort. And? You picked her.

    - Now I try not to stan Anfisa, but...she's at least honest about what she wants. Jorge strikes me as someone who has an abuse kink, but she's an abusive POS either way.

    - What happened to Narkiya and her scamming Nigerian prince?

    - Oh, Molly, Molly, Molly, what are you doing bringing this strange man around your underage daughters? She left him alone with the youngest one too. No ma'am! But at least that baby was smart enough to stab and threatened him with sidewalk chalk.

    - Evelyn was feeling herself way too much walking around like the next Jackie Kennedy. Bland and boring. Next!

    - I don't even know where to start with David and Annie. I think he's secretly sharing her with Chris or whatever his name was. That's probably why he and his wife was paying for everything. The massage request was very telling to me.

    If I were Annie I would treat that firehouse as if it was a mansion.

    - I can't stand Chantel's bitch brother. A busted Corbin Blue who needs his ass whooped.

    - Hear the drums Fernanda and run!!! And take Olga with you! That John is a creep with mommy issues. He had no business with a 19 year old at his big age. Steven is an abusive brat, Olga doesn't need to be with him.

    - Asuelo is sweet and they treated him horribly. My bae didn't deserve that.

    - Let me find out Colt-y is actually a lowkey gangster. Idk, he just gives me that nerd becomes your boss vibe lol. Larissa is wild, but I like her and yes, Fernanda was totally being passive aggressive with her in their tell all episode.

    - Ashley, smh. Where do I begin? Another one who put a ring on a fling. If I were her I'd be embarrassed airing her entire situation on national TV. She knew better not to marry that young man who she knew was a cheater, and they had the Elvis wedding to top it all off. Just tacky. Girl, you stupid for all of that. Next!

    - Leida and Eric deserve each other. They are both trash. I'm convinced that she's mentally ill and isn't trusted to take care of herself. I feel bad for his daughters. He's crazy for letting her talk to his kids like that. A whole chump. I like his daughter Tasha's hair btw. I think it suits her.

    - Lastly, Pao and Loren needs to stfu. They're relationships aren't perfect either and they seem to be jealous of Anfisa. Anfisa maybe abusive, but at least she was completely honest on what she wanted with Josh...I mean Jorge.

  • Yes lol. Me and my family all watch it. My mom told me while watching 90 Day fiancé is to never do this nonsense lol.

    But this show is so messy I love it lol. Nicole and Azan’s relationship is so weird and annoying. Nicole always plays the victim.



  • Yes lol. Me and my family all watch it. My mom told me while watching 90 Day fiancé is to never do this nonsense lol.

    But this show is so messy I love it lol. Nicole and Azan’s relationship is so weird and annoying. Nicole always plays the victim.

    Where is Nicole getting the money that she pays for Azan bills? Does she work? It'll be a whole mess if it's coming out of whatever type of government check she has.

    I think younger viewers definitely have something to learn from this show. Especially from Molly's segments. You don't leave a man that you barely know alone with children. That's opening the door for all types of bad situations. Seems like both of her daughters have more sense than she does. I don't blame the oldest daughter for getting out of there.

  • OMG 90 DAY FIANCE IS MY JAM. I don't have a fav couple because they all seem like a mess tbh. But if I had to I'd say Chantel and Pedro! But I have favorite people:

    - Rose is my queen of facial reactions

    - Darcy. Homegirl is a mess but we love her for it

    - Michael. He seems to genuinely care about Angela!

    - Julianna. She seems the absolute SWEETEST. And the way she interacts with the ex wife and kids is adorable dsfgkndskfjg

    ~ ω

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