does this count as an expose thread?

  • read first then vote 4

    1. yeah sure, otherwise i'd never know (1) 25%
    2. nah, im good lol this scarred me (1) 25%
    3. maybe idk (2) 50%

    was traipsing through google search when i found...

    this :eek:

    (full credit to HwaGoose aka ELFantasyhand on AFF)

    what a touching story

    gets me every time

    do y'all want me to make this a series?

    go through allkpop in the next few days and share what i find before it's all gone forever?

    cause honestly after spending the past few hours looking at useless info I need to share it

    or would you rather not have this burden on your mind?

    also title is pretty much a joke since op decided to put this on the internet in the first place. dont sue me.

    • Official Post

    this is fine but make sure to put it in the fanfic section and please give credit to the author.

  • Don't know if she wants it reposted, they were one of the users I liked generally...

    They're elsewhere at the moment, but Id say if you repost just make sure to credit her.

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