Who are these 2 idol? (Dating rumour)

  • So someone stated this:

    - both are one of the most popular idols in the history of KPOP (in and outside of Korea)

    - 1 of them acted once

    - there was once an article/ news who exposed them but allegedly their companies reacted fast and deleted it

    - both of them are quite obvious

    - both had schedule outside of SoKor at the same time

    Who is this? :eyes:

  • OMG Idk it's like at the top of my brain but I can't like think of it or smth. One of the most popular idols in the history of KPOP?? That could actually be a lot. First thing that comes to mind is someone out of Twice, Blackpink, or BTS but it's probably too soon to make assumptions and people have been shipping them for like EVER so...idk

  • "1 one of them acted once"

    well that can be a big hint ;)

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