NewJeans most streamed artist in youtube korea, 2023 - top streamed artists in recent years

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    2023 is not over, but NewJeans has reached 609.1M streams in Youtube Korea, surpassing the all time record for one year, held by BTS, 2021, for 604.7M.

    #NewJeans 2023 - 609.1M

    #IVE 2023 - 438.5M

    #IU 2022 - 436.8M
    #LimYoungwoong 2022 - 382.7M
    #IVE 2022 - 358.6M
    #BTS 2022 - 336.1M
    #GIDLE 2022 - 321.5M

    #BTS 2021 - 604.7M

    #IU 2021 - 569.7M

    #BTS 2020 - 563.5M

    It is clear that the overall interest upon youtube streaming significantly declined in 2022 after BTS' 'hiatus' , which will probably last till very late 2025, and IVE, #2 of 2023 (remember, the year is not over yet) did better than the #1 in 2022.

    However, the very fact that a nonKpopper was the most streamed artist in Youtube Korea in 2022, with ZERO new songs, will cast an eternal shadow in that ranking since many years later, when those who remember the BTS-IU fight pass on, historians will say that IU beat BTS in the end until the Era of NewJeans arrived.

    In 2021 the nonKPopper fought a hard battle against BTS but was crushed in the end.

    But in 2022 , despite of the lack of a new song and lack of any foreign support, the Koreans elected IU as the most streamed singer in youtube Korea.

    It is commendable for NewJeans to have ended the awkward situation, but it will cast an eternal shadow on the history of Kpop that they had let a nonKPopper to top the list of the most streamed artist in Youtube for an entire year.

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