• Stage Name: Arthur
    Birth Name: Jang Yunho

    Group: KINGDOM
    Position: Vocalist, Main Dancer

    Birthday: April 15, 2000

    Zodiac Sign: Aries

    Blood Type: AB

    II. Arthur Facts

    – He is an only child.
    – He is a former member of Varsity under the stage name Yunho.
    – He’s good at street dancing and urban choreography.
    – His shoe size is 265 mm.
    – His stage name comes from King Arthur Pendragon, who took the sword, Excalibur, out of the stone.
    – He has a lively personality.
    – He learned to dance by being in a street dance crew.
    – His specialty is dance. He’s been dancing for 7 years.
    – Arthur helps with the choreography
    – He is good at girl group dances.
    – He would like to be a mentor on dance related programs.
    – His favorite artist is BTS’s Jungkook.
    – His hobbies are dancing, gaming and playing table tennis.
    – Arthur hates to lose at video games and has a fiery temper while playing them.
    – His favorite foods are chicken, ramen and cake.
    – Arthur sometimes makes strange noises and grinds his teeth in his sleep.
    – Arthur ran into Jimin of BTS in the bathroom of a broadcasting station once and because he was so nervous, he accidentally said “Hello, I am BTS.”
    – His habit is touching his lips, shaking his head to flip his hair, and crossing his legs when he’s on his phone.
    – His favorite clothing brands are sport brands.
    – Arthur started to dream of becoming an idol in 7th grade, after watching stages of a Kpop Festival.
    – He likes emotional ballads and powerful songs.
    – Arthur learned singing from Lee Seungwoo, who is a famous vocal trainer and also an acquaintance of his mother.
    Louis says that Arthur is very timid around strangers, but is really nice and funny when you become close to him.
    – Arthur can’t eat sashimi. He says it hurts when he does.
    – The words he likes the hear the most are “What can’t you do?!”
    – His favorite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors are “Gone with the Wind” and “Mom is an Alien”.
    – Nicknames: Jang Arthur, Weirdo/Crazy (“+아이”) and Yun Tiger.

    (credits to kprofiles for these facts)