This is where Hamas claimed 800 people has died by Israel airstrike.

  • No ? As long as they are terrorist. They should kill thousand of them (prefer all of them) not just 5 random.

    do you think only terrorists are being killed lmao

    i wonder how it feels to be on the side of an tyranny and oppression. terrorism doesn't arise out of nothing.


    you're equally dumb

    terrorists dont always have proper reason

    they've killed prolly tens of millions over human history in the name of religion alone, something that is COMPLETE fantasy

    terrorists are sick people that cannot be reasoned with

    they'll find different reason to kill

    they dont just STOP if their reason stops

    u r m o m g a y


  • Wild take.

    What did the Tokyo subway sarin attack in 1995 arise out of? I'm curious.

    Also, did Anders Breivik's attack in 2011 Norway arise out of something? If so, does it mean it's justified?

    Ain't gonna bothered with Breivik but, sarin attack was not "terrorism" as terrorist is meant to have some kind of political agenda, the fall of a nation, independent new country etc., not simply human sacrifice.

    And, it did not pop up out of nowhere and reflected societal "sickness" of the nation. Japan had some internal tension which exploded in such form.

    what ever you say Terrorist apologist. :pepe-shrug:

    Genocide apologist. Eew.

  • A terrorist supporter has arrived.

    Even all the evident point to Hamas yet they cant do no wrong, I guess 1400 of innocents Israeli that got murdered in their home are also an Israel propaganda,

    Brain dead detected.

    What's even worse is when civilians in Israel got killed etc people in certain lands and countries were openly celebrating on the streets 🤡. Yet when civilians in Gaza etc are killed do isreali go celebrate? No that should tell you something. Also funny how all these woke people mad about Israel say nothing about civilians being kidnapped tortured etc etc they literally ignore it as if it's deserved because OMG Israel bad narrative. I don't care what side you are on you lose your credibility when you intentionally target civilians. Another reason unfortunately civilians die in this war is because their enemies are cowards that hide behind kids and civilians and launch attacks from houses, schools churches etc. This is unlike Russia and Ukraine where you have clear armies with uniforms that fight each other. Not cowards who won't put on a uniform and hides behind civilians.

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